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Giata's Persona Story - Living History In The First Person

Storia di Signora Giada Alberti di Firenze

Kingdom A&S Faire 2014

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Purpose and Introduction… 4,685 more words

Italian Studies

A conversation between Donatella Maraschin and Federico Faloppa on Pier Paolo Pasolini at the Italian Cultural Institute London

Wednesday 24 June, 6.30pm

Italian Cultural Institute London

“Pier Paolo Pasolini: cinema and anthropology”

A conversation between Donatella Maraschin and Federico Faloppa

The analysis of the intersections between anthropological discourse, documentary and fiction, shows how Pasolini’s cinema is deeply related to visual anthropology: the visual anthropology theorised and practiced by the “New Ethnography” in the Eighties. 194 more words

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New publication: Destination Italy

Italy is one of the most recent immigratory destinations in Europe, having long been one of the continent’s most important sources of emigration. Due to its strategic position in the Mediterranean, the Italian peninsula is a crossroads of complex transnational movements and represents a unique and dynamic context for the study of contemporary migration and its representation through the diverse channels of media, literature and film. 179 more words

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Dopo una due giorni a Grenoble per tracciare le linee guida scientifiche del progetto e redazionali del blog, apre FONTEGAIA Blog!

~ Fontegaia ~

Studi italiani nell’era del digitale. 16 more words


Sonetti Lussuriosi di Pietro Aretino

See full post at https://italianrenaissancesalon.wordpress.com/2015/04/15/sonetti-lussuriosi-di-pietro-aretino/

Excerpts from a lovely book on Florence and the Sonnets of Pietro Aretino:

“This was Mama’s city, her spiritual home, the place where it all began: Giotto, Michelangelo, Leonardo, the Medici…, the cradle of the Renaissance, the discovery of the world and of man.” 197 more words

Italian Studies

Historical Italian Feast Recipes

Imagine feasting in this pavilion…

On authentic Italian Renaissance dishes such as pork sausages cooked in wine, Rose & lavender drinks, tagliatelle pasta, fried spinach, and lamb meatballs. 132 more words

Italian Studies

New publication: Eccentricity and Sameness

«‘Eccentricity and Sameness ’adds a new chapter to the history of same-sex relations between women in modern Europe. Shedding light on Italy’s dark sexual past, Ross explores multiple discursive realms, including sexology and literature, to show convincingly why the study of lesbianism matters.» (Laura Doan, Professor of Cultural History and Sexuality Studies, University of Manchester) 300 more words

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