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"Open Forums" in Turkey - New Forms of Participation

The Gezi Park protests have led to the emergence of local grassroots committees or “Open Forums” in many Turkish towns and cities. Their goal: To preserve quality of life in residential areas and foster political dialogue and development. 16 more words


"Offene Foren" in der Türkei - Neue Formen der Partizipation

Seit dem Beginn der Proteste um den Gezi-Park formieren sich in vielen türkischen Städten basisdemokratische Stadtteilkomitees, die sogenannten “Offenen Foren”. Ihr Ziel: die Lebensqualität in den Wohnvierteln zu erhalten und die politische Bildung zu fördern. 12 more words


Dream Your Own Urban; Fill the blanks!

Rapid, uncontrolled and inegalitarian urbanization in Turkey, and the authoritarian impulse behind it, constitute an immense challenge to all citizens and make our cities virtually unlivable. 201 more words


Middle Eastern Vibes

Yesterday evening I decided to try something a little different. Belly dancing has always intrigued me and struck me as something I’ve wanted to try, ever since, during a visit to Istanbul a few years ago, we were provided with some after-dinner belly dancing entertainment in a restaurant one night. 515 more words


Istanbul to become 5th fashion centre of the world

‘Global Connection’ paper had a whole section dedicated to the rise of Turkey within the fashion industry this February. Made up of 5 pages, each separate article was dedicated to a different story on the increasing popularity of Istanbul as a fashion capital, starting with a basic overview, leading onto the new up and coming designers. 501 more words



Peter Matheson here.

I am in Istanbul and I live to eat.

Here’s the evidence.

(All selfies, of course) 188 more words

Stay at Deniz Houses in Istanbul!

This is my go-to hostel when in Istanbul. It is located in the historic centre (Sultanahmet) a short walk from many of the city’s famous attractions, like the Blue Mosque, the Topkapi Palace ( 138 more words