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I understand, but I don't..

I’ve been putting off talking to a friend of mine for a while now, just because I didn’t want to have the conversation I knew we were going to have to have. 781 more words


Sébastien Roux ~ Issues

Here’s a concept we’ve never encountered before, and are unlikely to see again, due to its very complexity: six issues of a magazine (contemporary art review  587 more words

Richard Allen

Is modern day Israel God's chosen people?

Flags are very important for national identity because they symbolise the country it represents. It carries meaning and purpose. For Israel, the flag has a blue star that is often referred to as the star of David. 803 more words



I love my boyfriend, I really really do. I can’t help but feel though that I tiptoe around him, and everything I do has to be to his approval otherwise he has a go at me and tells me off and tells me that I obviously don’t love him, and if I did I would just be doing what makes him happy. 273 more words

The friend zone

Some days I feel like the entire world is against me, which is probably the stupidest thing I could say right about now. I have days where I really feel like I haven’t accomplished anything I thought I would do with my life. 336 more words


ISSUE: As people rely more and more on technology to solve problems, the ability of humans to think for themselves will surely deteriorate.

Human thought and the ability to think for oneself have been revered by Western societies since the Age of Enlightenment. While the deterioration of such thought has become a growing concern in relation to the last two decades of technological advancements, the ability to think for oneself primarily starts with an individual. 723 more words