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beyond my window are
three-dimensional people
walking through their lives
connected and estranged
in everyday combination

connected and estranged
soon I shall venture out

© Jane Paterson Basil



Sometimes, you stop yourself from falling for someone, because the home inside your heart is too broken to keep them safe.


Seasonal Affective Disorder - in summer?

What is summer depression?

I will start with my own experience. I remember the feeling vividly. It came on at the start of the school holidays when I was about 14. 1,425 more words


Feeling blue

This week I have felt simplistically ‘crap’, down, blue, unloved, stressed, taken for granted, negative, isolated, tired, old, cross and grumpy. There I’ve said it. 581 more words

Self Awareness

The agony of untold stories

There’s an American researcher who  studies vulnerability, courage, authenticity and shame. She’s called Brené Brown and is responsible for one of the most watched TED talks of all time… 1,075 more words

Mental Health


In the moments I have loved you the most, you were not there to feel it.


When insights give my soul a deep hug.

Those teeny-tiny moments of insights, often give my soul the deep, deep hugs she needs.

My intentions were to go off-line for several days and although I didn’t go 100% offline (I’m working on it), I did discover a few tidbits in my quiet space of… 234 more words

Captured Moments