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From Chaos to Silence

Sometimes, I manage to tell myself that I’m not that screwed up. Well, no more screwed up than the average person I mean… so many have shit far worse happen on a daily basis, than what I’ve had happen to me my entire life. 681 more words


Those No Reason Bad Days

Today has been a bad day. For no reason at all. which are kind of the worst type of bad days.

I got up. I went to work. 545 more words


PSA: Hyper-vigilance Kinda Sucks the Life Out of You

Caregiving fosters hyper-vigilance, which fosters a normal state of negativity because you’re always thinking out worst-case scenarios. It’s taken me three years to realize this. It’s devastated my once-positive perspective during years that were already hard many times over. 916 more words


Seven Poems for Autism Awareness Week: 5) This One

It’s day five of autism awareness week, and that means I’m sharing another poem about what it’s like to live with autism. “This One” was written by a poet with a diagnosis of autism. 403 more words


The loneliness epidemic: We're more connected than ever - but are we feeling more alone?

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Modern life is making us lonelier, and recent research indicates that this may be the next biggest public health issue on par with obesity and substance abuse.  560 more words


Book: The Art of Mor Faye by Christa Clarke, 1997

The Art of Mor Faye by Christa Clarke was printed in 1997, a 28 page book, by The World Bank.  It is the catalogue that accompanied Mor Faye’s collection that was shown as part of the 1997 World Bank LobbyArt group exhibition.  55 more words


MOR FAYE, known as The African Van Gogh (1946-1984)

MOR FAYE, known as The African Van Gogh (1946-1984): Contemporary artist, tragically only recognized after his death. He was born in Dakar, Senegal in 1946 and died in 1984 of cerebral malaria at the age of 38. 204 more words