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A day in the life...

Darkness closes,

like a cocoon.

A second skin,

this flesh imposes,

trapping me within,

and suffocating,



A strangle grip

around my throat.

My voice silenced, 45 more words


love to come here and sit & update on me

This stretch of beach is my serenity spot and always has a foggy mist over the shallow surf, even on a really hot day.  For me it has always bee like a fantasy land and very few people come here, just locals. 74 more words

bowling (& living) alone

I first encountered Robert Putnam in my second semester of college. I took a four-semester course called The American Conversation in which my peers and I explored the ideals of freedom, democracy, and the pursuit of happiness. 612 more words

Demon Ego

Ego satisfaction is powerfully addictive. It blinds us ultimately to everything other than our own immediate cravings and desires. One might understand organized religion (possibly excluding Satanism and others of the darker variety) as largely about moderating the natural human tendency towards self-gratification, be it physical or psychological.  353 more words

Artistic Personality

Diabetes Sucks, Post #21

21. Diabetes sucks because it’s isolating and depressing and fickle. Some days you open up to people and feel like sharing every shitty thing about it, and other days you just want to be left alone and not looked at funny. 139 more words

By The Numbers~A T1D Journal

Fortress of Solitude

At the time of the writing of this post, the main point of this blog, as I have somewhat mentioned before, is mostly for me to reflect on myself and to pass the time. 734 more words


With wealth I have grown

My isolation from you

Rich, living in fear

©  Paul Nichol. 2015