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Memorial Day

We are observing another Memorial Day. As a people, we remember and pay honor to all those who have served our great country. We salute those who gave all. 482 more words

How Ataturk laid the foundations for Erdogan’s success

On 29 October 1923, much to the dismay of the Sanusi Order in North Africa and other non-Turkish pro-Ottoman fighters who had sought to salvage the remains of the ‘Islamic’ empire, Ataturk announced the founding of the modern Turkish Republic. 704 more words


Recapitulation on the Question of Religious Fundamentalism

When people will not weed their own minds, they are apt to be overrun by nettles.
– Horace Walpole

My intellect would wish for a clear-cut universe with no dim corners, but there are all these cobwebs in the cosmos. 2,959 more words


Tower Hamlets and the left: listen to the secular!

Above: Rahman and a supporter

By Martin Thomas (at Workers Liberty)

Pretty much all the left press other than Solidarity  has denounced the election court decision against Lutfur Rahman, mayor of Tower Hamlets in East London, and most of the left has backed Rabina Khan, Rahman’s ally, for the new mayoral election on 11 June. 679 more words

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Banning hate Preachers will not eradicate extremism

Prohibiting extremist preachers from speaking on university campuses will not stop the radicalisation of impressionable young minds. 

It is bad enough that under the Conservative proposals, which were blocked by the Lib Dems, an idea could be deemed “extremist” and purged from university campuses when there is no direct incitement to violence, for none of us have the right to live in a country where our values and deepest held sensibilities go unchallenged. 607 more words

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Islamic State Goes Costa Coffee in 'Posh Holiday Resort'.

The ‘Brief Guide to the Islamic State’ talks the about cosmopolitanism and ethnic diversity of the region that runs counter to the group’s medieval interpretation of Islam and the Islamic State militants’ destruction of ancient historical sites and images of mass killings it releases almost daily.

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Montreal teens suspected of wanting to join jihadist groups have passports confiscated

Ten young people suspected of wanting to join jihadist groups overseas were arrested last weekend at Montreal’s Trudeau International Airport, the RCMP said late Tuesday. 324 more words

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