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Shaykh Adnani's Ramadhān Speech (1436 AH) [Translated in Filipino]

Sa Ngalan Ni Allāh, Ang Pinaka-Mapagpala, Ang Pinaka-Maawain

O Aming Ummah, Tumugon sa Tagatawag Ni Allāh
(Subhānahu wa Ta’Alā)

Talumpati Ni Shaykh Abū Muhammad Adnani Ash-Shāmi… 6,351 more words

your door is closed

wonder what is the key

and how it speaks

of the moment

and how it was the dance

and its own


and what it had in mind… 43 more words


Walmart Told a Customer It Wouldn't Make Him a Confederate Cake but Accepted His Request for an ISIS One

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