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The Joys of Working in a Bookshop - #15

Man wants to order a book, and it takes me a few minutes to find the right edition in our system. He feels it is necessary to spend the entirety of that time looking over my shoulder, loudly chewing gum right next to my ear.


February is Just the Absolute Worst

February is my least favorite month of all of the months. It’s kind of tongue-twisty to pronounce and it’s spelled with that weird little “r”¬†and it’s always cold and gray and gloomy and the fun of the holidays are totally over but the promise of spring and warmth is too far away. 532 more words


That ONE Person...have a seat

No interest in reading and learning, but have huge opinions with no real reasoning.

Hate kids and have no interest in rearing any, but have infinite wisdom and conversation on how they should be raised and what parents should and should not do. 130 more words

Cheesy Commercials

TV has brought on some great shows and a regular fixture in every home. But the frequency of advertisements between shows and sporting events really is frustrating. 326 more words


Welcome to my wonderful world of rage, annoyance and pet peeves.

Before we get started with the ranting shenanigans, I though it would be polite to introduce myself. My name is Harriet, I am a 20 year Psychology and Criminology student from sunny West Yorkshire and, to be frank, I am very easily annoyed. 176 more words


What is with all the prejudice.

I never write posts like this, but I just had the misfortune to read something extremely unpleasant and prejudiced about homeless people and I couldn’t not respond. 207 more words


When You've Overstayed Your Welcome

I sit here in my living room watching Blue Bloods and am getting ready to watch the episode of Empire that I missed…. but this is the first time in a week that I’ve had my living room to myself, especially in the evening. 644 more words