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Flakey bitches.

We all know the desperate annoyance that comes with flakey friends. We might even be that flakey friend, but either way how many times can a friend bail before they’re headed straight to your blacklist? 306 more words


Attention seekers...*sigh*...C'mon sigh with me...*SIGH*

You can tell what the topic is (based on my experiences) by the title so lets get right into it, first off…why?

Its as if you have to constantly put others down for your own pleasure, I’m sorry but when did the Earth start revolving around you? 755 more words

The Joys of Working in a Bookshop - #26

Most tourists, international students and other non-Dutch people usually point out to me, after I start speaking Dutch to them, that they don’t understand me. Could please speak English? 137 more words


Run! Run! The Smiths are Coming!

Dear Annie: I moved into a nice apartment complex some time ago and have enjoyed it, with the exception of the neighbors on one side. “Mr.

1,110 more words

Lip biting is NOT sexy

Okay, maybe it can be…. sometimes.

See, apparently when an attractive woman bites her lower lip, it does something interesting to the pubic region of whomever deemed her worthy of the “attractive” part of her description. 215 more words

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When everything doesn't run so smoothly..

This week has been pretty slow moving and irritating for me. I’ve been fairly restless as I haven’t felt busy enough. Yes I always have things to do and my week has still involved a lot of work and I’ve got what I needed to done but it wasn’t what I had planned. 464 more words

“the Late Sunday Itch” 3/25/2015 Lets go to the Movies!

Dear diary, sorry I’m a little late on “the Sunday Itch”, go figure, I start a series and I miss the 2nd week deadline. I will try to treat this better than my wife’s honey-do list; some of those projects are going on 10 years late. 514 more words