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When everything doesn't run so smoothly..

This week has been pretty slow moving and irritating for me. I’ve been fairly restless as I haven’t felt busy enough. Yes I always have things to do and my week has still involved a lot of work and I’ve got what I needed to done but it wasn’t what I had planned. 464 more words

“the Late Sunday Itch” 3/25/2015 Lets go to the Movies!

Dear diary, sorry I’m a little late on “the Sunday Itch”, go figure, I start a series and I miss the 2nd week deadline. I will try to treat this better than my wife’s honey-do list; some of those projects are going on 10 years late. 514 more words

The Joys of Working in a Bookshop - #24

One of the things that annoys me most is how often, when I’m gift wrapping a book, people ask: “Did you remove the price tag?” 143 more words


Things that irritate me

I’ve been under a huge stress lately. I’m trying to graduate a college, I work, also try to find some time for my friends and family, but I don’t have much time for myself. 903 more words


One thing you might have not known about me

Normally, I am a jolly person blest with an open heart to accommodate anybody who respects me for what I am. Although I am blind, I force myself to squeeze out of my little dark world to mingle with people around me because that often helps me forget the sad realities of my personal life. 813 more words

Personal Views

Why Does Every Freaking New Blog Looks The Same?

Let me tell you, I love reading new blogs and supporting them. But after reading an awful amount of them, I’m just fed up.

I mean, there’s nothing new in anyone of them. 142 more words


What are you doing?

It bothers me when I’m doing something and people ask me “What are you doing”? If they have bad vision, or I’m doing some new innovative thing that no one has ever seen before, then okay, they get a pass. 12 more words