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Samuel Beckett's Gothic magic

Gothic elements in a modern piece of art may be harder to detect than in eighteenth and nineteenth-century writings and paintings – classic Gothic is often said to have been triggered by Horace Walpole’s 1764 novel… 863 more words


April Showers

Though my last post was a celebration of the warm spring air and sunshine in Dublin, it is April, so there are obviously showers. And it’s Ireland, so what do we expect?! 330 more words


St. Patrick: The Man, the Myth & the Merchandise: A critical commentary on the modern Irish brand

On March 17th every year the people of Ireland and the members of its diaspora around the world celebrate the life of the man that many believe brought Christianity to Ireland, St. 692 more words


Easter Eggs

When I think of Easter, I imagine the smell of Easter egg dye. It brings me right back to our round kitchen table in LA. It would have been covered in newspaper and my sister and I would have smocks or aprons on to protect our clothes. 447 more words


Birthday Bumps

I am celebrating two friends’ birthdays this weekend. Celebrating a birthday in Ireland is almost completely identical to celebrating one in the States: a few drinks, maybe some dinner, birthday cards, a balloon or two and definitely cake, candles and even (the dreaded*) birthday song. 318 more words


Tea Time!

My family made a big trip to the UK and Ireland in 1997. This was only my second trip to Europe, following a few weeks in Switzerland in 1996. 941 more words


Lá Fhéile Phádraig

All of us have things we love about our native lands, and all of us have things we can’t stand. I’m no exception. I’m very proud of being Irish, and by and large I’m happy to live in Ireland and to say that ‘ 660 more words