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Keyes The Woman Who Stole My Life has something missing

The Woman Who Stole My Life by Marian Keyes
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Marian Keyes has always remained one of my favourite authors, her lovely homely books about big energetic Irish families are always humorous and engaging and have very often had me laughing out loud. 432 more words

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Good to meet you...author Amy Lynch

What a spring we’ve been having! A cold rain is falling and the wind is enough to freeze your lugs off. It’s a pleasure to welcome Irish author Amy Lynch today, from a country accustomed enough to rain not to let a few drops bother her in the slightest. 1,763 more words


A whistle-stop literary tour of Dublin for beginners

On a recent trip to Dublin, my friends and I became somewhat accidental literary enthusiasts. Although Angelica and I did both study literature at university and had read some Irish works, I think it’s fair to say that we can’t be said to be specialists on James Joyce, Oscar Wilde, Samuel Beckett, or any of the other great writers Dublin has produced and/or inspired. 984 more words

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Three poems by Patrick Deeley


Tetrapod hardly covers it, old boy or girl coming out
of the sea. Tetrapod, four-foot, accurate
but basic as the mud in my mind’s eye you’re treading. 750 more words


Sebastian Barry and the Re-Stranding of Ireland

There is a pivotal observation by Dr Grene in Sebastian Barry’s The Secret Scripture that ‘it is sometimes forgotten the effort that was made in the twenties to include all shades of opinion in the first Irish senate, but it was an effort that soon lost heart. 1,169 more words


Two poems by Mary Noonan

The Moths

The artist is sitting, perfectly still,
by his mulberry tree, watching
it. He has been in that pose all day.

The white moths have flown… 468 more words


Three poems by Victoria Kennefick


I have visited your grave many times expecting to find you
tending your plot, maybe with a shovel or a strimmer,
turning your handsomely-lined face towards the sun. 462 more words