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Voting NO is not hateful rejection, but a loving embrace of your people, and all life.

Only two days to the “marriage equality” referendum here in Ireland, and it seems that nothing is too underhand or base for those on the Yes side. 495 more words


The war of emotional manipulation, and "marriage equality".

So here is the latest weapon in the gay rights arsenal, used by those in favour of a yes vote in Ireland’s ‘Marriage Equality Referendum’. An attempt to equate resistance to non traditional marriage and parenthood with the suffering and death of starving children – 508 more words


Ireland should "take its fair share of migrants"


According to Brian Lucey, a professor of finance in Trinity, Ireland should take a “fair share” of migrants to help ease the crisis in the mediterranean and because of our history should “make┬ásensitive to issues around migration and integration”. 643 more words


The aims of multiculturalism explained.

And excellent series of videos on the effects of multiculturalism in society, and the aims of policies designed to promote this ideology.

While more focused on the US and Britain, the basic message applies to all nations. 16 more words


"EU can't have open-door policy"

A fine piece from the letters page of the Irish Independent, with thanks to Irish Voice –


“There has been much hysteria in recent days in the wake of the boat tragedies in the Mediterranean, with some calling for permanent large-scale immigration from Africa and the Middle East because of the poverty, tyranny and religious extremism which bedevils those regions. 296 more words


Nationalism is an expression of love, not hate!

Socially conservative Irish nationalists – You are not alone! There is a growing movement in this country, one which speaks for a silent majority. Let your voice be heard, there is no shame in wanting to see Irish interests come first in our own country! 217 more words


Pervert cannot be deported "due to unfair review"


Piotr Rownicki, a Polish man convicted of the sexual assault of six women while travelling on Dublin buses is now not going to be deported after time served. 315 more words