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Nationalism is an expression of love, not hate!

Socially conservative Irish nationalists – You are not alone! There is a growing movement in this country, one which speaks for a silent majority. Let your voice be heard, there is no shame in wanting to see Irish interests come first in our own country! 217 more words


Pervert cannot be deported "due to unfair review"


Piotr Rownicki, a Polish man convicted of the sexual assault of six women while travelling on Dublin buses is now not going to be deported after time served. 315 more words


Policy on blog comments.

I have received several comments on recent posts from individuals who do not share my general social and political outlook.

This, in itself, is more than welcomed. 156 more words


The "future of Ireland" in his arms...


“Kabir Ahmed stood outside Dublin’s Convention Centre in the sunshine on Friday, holding the future of Ireland in his arms”

The “future of Ireland” it seems, is not the Irish. 615 more words


Asylum-seekers to get access to "third level akin to Irish students"


So asylum seekers who have been in the system for over 5 years are to receive the same access to 3rd level education as Irish students, as well as increased allowances. 493 more words


Joan Burton - "No conscience clause in marriage equality referendum"


Tánaiste Joan Burton has claimed that there will be no “conscience clause” in the upcoming marriage equality referendum.

What this essentially means is, if gay marriage is legalised in Ireland, those businesses who do not wish to facilitate gay couples, even if it is not in line with their personal values or religious beliefs, will be open to prosecution should they refuse their goods or services to homosexuals that wish to marry. 490 more words


Saint Patrick and those pesky snakes...

“all evidence suggests that post-glacial Ireland never had any snakes as on insular New Zealand, Iceland, Greenland and Antarctica…  So far, no serpent has successfully migrated across the open ocean to a new terrestrial home” 75 more words