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Blogger's Bane... I've Been Tagged!

But it’s Ok, it’s not life threatening, and I’ll survive 😄. And despite the title, this latest round has been quite fun!

First up is… 960 more words


Cormac Mac Airt

Cormac Mac Airt was a mythical high king of Ireland and one of the most celebrated kings in Irish tradition. He was sometimes given the epithet Ulfhada (longbearded), which denoted his great wisdom. 521 more words


Irish Mythology | Étaín

When I saw Sacha Black’s writing prompt to write a piece from the viewpoint of an insect, this story popped immediately into my head, although life being life, it took me over a week to finally knuckle down and write it. 508 more words


Video | Bealtaine Fire Festival Celebration at Uisneach 2015

For those of us who couldn’t be there, a taste of the event… looks like fun! Next year…


Irish Mythology | The Legend Of Ross Castle

Sabina’s Story

The Legend of Ross Castle

My father was not known for his kindliness; the Black Baron, they called him, and with good reason. He couldn’t abide lawlessness, demanded obedience, and ruled with an iron hand. 1,690 more words


A Bealtaine Poem | The Old Ways

Sun has slipped beyond the rim, and

on the hill,

fiery petals unfurl,

a towering blossom of flame,

summer’s herald,

an omen of peace and plenty. 166 more words


Better Identification of Viking Corpses Reveals: Half of the Warriors Were Female

Now, isn’t that a surprise? In most ancient societies, warriors were an elite class. If women were equal with men on the battlefield, it is more than likely they were equal in other areas of society, as well. 29 more words