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Irish Mythology | The Art of Combat

The Irish warrior of ancient times may have been an undisciplined killing machine, fighting under the influence of the Riastradh, or battle frenzy, on behalf of his family, his chieftain, or his country, but it may surprise you to know that there was an unwritten code of practice, or chivalry involved in the art of making war. 1,367 more words


Irish Mythology & Ancient Elves: Interpreting ‘Dragon Age’ Lore

The fun thing about interpretation is that, even if the writers didn’t intend to convey something, it can still be gleaned by someone else. We all like to see our experiences reflected in the popular culture we consume, and my long-standing adoration with  1,499 more words


Mini-Syllabus: Irish Mythology

Last year I wrote that I like to read books in coherent clumps. When I pick a book to read, I generally find myself seeking more like it, branching out step by step until I’ve completed what essentially becomes a miniature syllabus. 1,039 more words


I have been featured in Blackheath Dawn Magazine!

I am the Guest Author featured in Blackheath Dawn Magazine today, and my Tir na Nog Trilogy is also represented in their Book Feature. So if you haven’t had enough Paddy’s Day fever yet, here is the link.


Wolf Bite

This excerpt comes from Wolf of the West, my newest release. Let me know what you think! 


Marcas stared upward at the sound of an imperative caw, and knew he must move faster. 2,066 more words

Belinda Burke

A FREE Gift for Paddy's Day!

Next Tuesday is St Patrick’s Day, and in celebration of all things Irish, author Jane Dougherty and I will be giving away FREE copies of our book, … 60 more words


Leprechauns: Mythology of the Little People

Leprechauns are often stereotyped, misunderstood—especially in the United States—and even maligned, as in a series of 1990s horror films in which the leprechaun is a malevolent little beastie. 498 more words