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'Dreaming of a Stranger' by Sheila O' Flanagan

I should start by stating that this is not my usual choice in reading genre. Though I don’t mind the occasional chick-lit, I have to be either in a post break-up or very lonely state for them to fall on the soppy romantic side…or, as in this case, having a shortage of available books in English. 400 more words


Book Review: Are You Watching Me? By Sinéad Crowley

Publisher: Quercus  |  Publication date: 2nd July 2015  |  Edition: Kindle (review copy)

Well, this got a wee bit sinister, didn’t it? All of the characters have their fair share of issues between them, and although the story starts at a relatively gentle pace, it works itself up to quite the psychological crescendo. 594 more words


Wry dispatches from a west coast state of mind

Here’s a recent review I wrote for the Irish Examiner

Claire-Louise Bennett
The Stinging Fly Press; €12.99
Review: Val Nolan

An unnamed woman lives on the edge of a coastal village in the west of Ireland. 608 more words


We’re all Folk’d now…

Completely Folk’d
Laurence Donaghy
Blackstaff Press; £7.99
Review: Val Nolan

Endings are difficult. For the reader it means saying goodbye to familiar characters and worlds while for the writer, especially a series writer, it brings the challenges of crafting a capstone which is true to what has come before. 985 more words


Bloomsday Music this year

Well its that day again the 16th of june the day James Joyce choose to be the day in Ulysses , in the last fiftry years this day has become a day to celebrate both the book , it’s writer and the city of the book in a way Dublin .I have done post before about the book which for me is a classic that I plan to reread again probably for this time next year (?the original plan was this year but as so much has happened I decided to leave it ) So this year I’ll bring you some great songs and singers from Dublin and Ireland . 195 more words


Launching The Yankee Years Series

This week we marked the anniversary of D-Day, more than seventy years after the invasion began. Even after so many years have elapsed, the events of that day and the weeks and months that followed still resonate with us. 412 more words

Historical Fiction

Review of Skin Paper Stone in the Galway Advertiser

I was delighted with the review of Skin, Paper, Stone in today’s Galway Advertiser, particularly as it was written by the inimitable Kevin Higgins. Coincidentally, Kevin’s first review for the… 184 more words