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The Golden Moment

We’ve all heard of the light qualities during the golden hour. However, on very rare occasions it may only be a golden moment… or two. This was taken at 21h10… the cloud patterns changed rapidly and for a few minutes the interplay between moving lenticular clouds and the sun was great!


J.K. Rowling Slams Westboro Baptist Church in Epic Twitter Battle

Last week, Ireland became the first country to legalize same-sex marriage through popular vote, leading to an outpour of happiness. But, where there is an outpouring of emotion, the Westboro Baptist Church is sure to find its way into it. 209 more words


Resistance is futile . . .

. . . i don’t buy Una Mullaly, the high priest of permissiveness and i don’t buy her continuous acts of political partisanship.  I find her ugly . 151 more words


Bruges, Belgium <3

So As the Sun was Rising over Dublin Airport, I set off again on another adventure. This time I was headed for Bruges, a small, but well-known town in the North of Belgium. 950 more words

Come with me to my Lighthouse

I had the absolute pleasure of editing a video for a project I am quite excited about myself – Great Lighthouses of Ireland – 12 lighthouses dotted around the island of Ireland that you can visit, and even stay at. 18 more words


No Vote but a Voice on Equal Marriage Rights in Ireland

I did not vote in the referendum that was held in Ireland on Friday. It asked whether or not homosexuals should be allowed the same rights in marriage as heterosexuals. 582 more words

Shooting The Emerald Isle

We say Ireland, you say… what? Guinness? Rugby? Potatoes? St Patrick? Daniel Barnett went to the inaugural Irish Film Festival at the Chauvel Cinema in Paddington, which sets out to prove there is more to Ireland than lazy stereotypes. 991 more words