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And Just Like That

You are lifted up and in thirty-six hours
The crisp, clean air blowing in off
The Pacific fills your nostrils;
Everywhere you go Mt. Rainier looms… 247 more words


One Hundred Years That Night

My eyelids weary, I stayed awake
Sleep to me not known
My muscles exhausted and they ache
But diligently I scan my fire zone

On day five of the nine we got… 163 more words


Bush needs refresher on his own blunders

George W. Bush had followed his father’s doctrine upon leaving the presidency in January 2009.

Do not criticize the man in the office now. Be quiet and go about the business of doing other pertinent activities. 322 more words

Barack Obama

Becoming Israeli

A Borrowed Identity directed by Eran Riklis (Israel/Germany/France) 2014 follows a gifted, young Palestinian who reluctantly leaves his loving family home to attend an elite university in Jerusalem. 75 more words


6 American Men Arrested for Trying to Join ISIS

According to the New York Times, Minneapolis locals suspected that there was a mastermind behind the young men who were always trying to leave and join the Islamic State. 99 more words

Three Car Bombs Kill 19 In Baghdad

At least 19 people have been killed in Baghdad, following the detonation of three separate car bombs in a busy marketplace. 267 more words


Doonesbury cartoonist Garry Trudeau attacked for criticizing Charlie Hebdo

By Patrick Martin
27 April 2015

Garry Trudeau, the creator of the Doonesbury comic strip, has come under attack from right-wing editorialists and media pundits for publicly criticizing anti-Muslim cartoons appearing in the French magazine… 970 more words