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Castles of the Assassins

Hiking among the Castles of the Assassins. ‘The fabled Alamut Valley offers a tempting invitation to hike, explore and reflect among the fabled Castles of the Assassins. 30 more words

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Behshahr Iran

In Behshahr, Iran – This beautiful garden with trees as old as 400 years and water fountains used to be Shah Abbas’s resort! He was one of the most powerful kings of Iran during Safavid dynasty. 19 more words

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Turkey and Saudis in Syria: Aligned Interests, Clashing Revisionisms

Source: Reuters

In early May, 2015 it became known that Saudi Arabia and Turkey are supporting extremist Islamist groups in Syria against the regime of Bashar al-Assad. 1,060 more words



Zavareh is located at the northeast of Isfahan Province, next to the central desert area. It is known that Zavareh had a Sassanian fire temple and was an important trade center in the Seljuk period. 15 more words

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Kharaghan Twin Towers

The mausoleums are early examples of Islamic tomb architecture. Built in 1067 AD and 1093 AD as a resting place of two Seljuk princes. The unique roof structures are the very first double-domes to be registered in history.

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Yet Another Deadline

Today is the deadline for reaching a nuclear deal with the Iranians, and by all accounts there won’t be any deal, but of course there will always be another deadline… 460 more words


Deadline Looms Today on the Iranian Nuclear Deal

Hi friends!  We’ve just finished up our study, Looking for the Blessed Hope, and I pray you were blessed as we dug deeply into Israel’s past, present, and prophetic future.   504 more words

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