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to imitate or copy in action, speech, 
often playfully or derisively.


Fri-Day To Reflect

The week’s been a bit crazy so today I’m taking a day out in the sun, and doing some wedding planning. Because I want to. The pics aren’t amazing; I’m no photographer and this is with my crappy iPhone, but they do show some beautiful sunshine. Have a great Friday everyone :)

Highs & Lows

… from the weekend.

High: Leftovers for dinner Friday night, and if there is one thing I love, it is feeling like a thrifty domestic boss because we ate up the yummy leftovers I found behind the ice-cube trays. 365 more words

Boxster track car project

So the last couple of weeks I have spent Sunday mornings helping a couple friends at Specialist cars Dublin build a Boxster track car, sure who needs a day off right?! 41 more words

Iphone Pics

Phone Life Lately

Taking a break from DSL and using my iphone. Phone Life lately has been convenient, as it perfectly fits in my pocket. With a puppy in training and only two hands, sometimes its easier to leave the big pro at home and use the little hand held.

nothing wrong with that… right?


991 GT3 - Porsche Centre Dublin

First one I have seen and it’s AMAZING! Thanks Vicky.


Random Snaps

Brighton by iPhone

Brighton is one of those places that I simultaneously love and despair of, but I’ve taken photos on my crappy iPhone 4s of some great stuff here. 38 more words