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Rumours Roundup : Dual App Viewing mode to come in iOS 9 for iPad , iPad Pro multi-user support

iPad just lacks one point in it , that the multi tasking feature . There is no software feature that allows the user to view dual app at once . 231 more words


Thinking outside the books

In the five years since we have been using iPads, there seems to have been remarkably limited change in the form of published content.

In spite of all the tools, techniques and temptations to blur the distinctions, iBooks remain as bookish as their printed versions, apps are apps, movies are movies, even electronic graphic novels stay true to their mould. 374 more words


Pixelmator for iPhone is coming

– the new Distort Tools, powered by Appleā€™s Metal technology 13 more words


Day 141 - A New Setup

So I have been eyeing a new computer desk for some time now, but just have been unsure about whether I should or not. I finally decided to go through and pick up a new desk from Wal-Mart. 365 more words

Life Update

How to Add Pictures to your Notes on both your iPad and iPhone

A picture is worth a thousand words. It contains a visual information that you might not clearly get from a note, making it quite a helpful feature. 194 more words


The iPad Saga

Last night we found an iPad on a chair in the park between the malls G4 and G5. Luckily it didn’t have any code and we managed to speak with the owner’s mom through Facebook. 439 more words