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@oyo_breedable new horse #inworldz

The oyo group brought out a new special horse set today with a coat called Native Warrior and a new eye called Hand.

The coat and eye do pass. 193 more words

Virtual Worlds

Special Horse Offer: Native Warrior

Dear Breeders,

oYo Breedable today presents you another special horse: The “Native Warrior” Horse. The coat comes with 2 colors: Brown and White, and a new “Hand” eye, decorated in the tradition of American natives. 42 more words


The Architectural Vision of SkyeRyder Varriale

I ventured into inWorldz one day to explore new builds as well as familiar ones. A short search led to SkyeRyder Varriale. After hoping on the TP express, I located her office, and left a message for her. 978 more words

Featuring Game of Thrones role play regions

Game of Thrones @ Highgarden 

If you are looking to get into Role playing contact Amaya Tyrell inworld


HighGarden-The Reach is the most lush and fertile region of Westeros, ruled by House Tyrell from Highgarden. 220 more words


New ~ Layla Medieval Gown #InWorldz

New Medieval Gown in 8 colour choices:

Consists of: Dress top & pants with gold pull string detail to neck, Gold filigree pattern to attachments. Gold shaped belt, with gem stones. 10 more words


#Inworldz update for my @oyo_breedable critters

Although I’m breeding less in Inworldz, I still got a few special drops that make them fun.

Imbrium, my black andalusian unicorn mare, is nearly finished with breeding. 516 more words

Virtual Worlds

My condolences #Inworldz and #SecondLife #oyos

Oyos are grieving the loss of someone special to them today and I feel for them. Please visit their blog to read about it.

http://oyobreedable.com/2015/05/19/sad-news/ 132 more words