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The @Biobreeds double shades #secondlife

In the midst of giving me duds for biochips, my wildones have given me two successful dens yesterday.

Now all my tiger males are named after the D’ni Kings from Myst storyline, but King Kerath is the first one I’ve attached “king” to this name. 928 more words

Virtual Worlds

#inworldz @oyo_breedable little real life interruptions #thegrumpyblogger

My intent this morning when I signed in and checked my stand at TR was to have a good bitching session on this blog. I didn’t come straight here but did some work instead elsewhere. 898 more words


Peek a Boo... #InWorldz

Finally managed to get to see a show, thanks to my good friend Carol Caproni, who tp’d me over… I have some pics ;)

The Finale was amazing, audience participation, lots of fun… but then it was back to the grind for me. 31 more words


Looking at my #Inworldz business planning

Am I going to run Dunvalos Reach like a real business or just use it for play, not caring about the Izzies it makes?

This is a huge choice I need to make. 610 more words


Breedables Goodies #inworldz @oyo_breedable

Me thinks the oyos breedables may be trying to give Biobreeds a run for my money.

While things are stalled at the moment for my Biobreeds in Second Life, the oyos in Inworldz have been giving up surprises. 493 more words

Virtual Worlds

Our InWorldz Shops moved

Hello Breeders,

we have set up the new sims and moved our shops. A LM giver with landmarks of all places are available inworld. SLURLs to the new locations are: 54 more words


Last Night...

I dreamed of Drosselmyer.

I’ve finally got Luna and three alts dressed and the setting is perfect. But, I was delayed by a RL phone call, so main shooting will have to begin tomorrow.