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Falling off the wagon

These days, “falling of the wagon” means something different to each individual. For me, it represents a departure from the eating, exercise, meditation, and sleep foundation habits that I’ve worked hard to build into my life. 930 more words


The Journey Inward

Wisdom is truth. Wisdom in knowing ourselves is the ability to look inward and see who we really are, the positive and that which needs improvement. 79 more words


The Hourglass

Something is so tired

The eyes want to close

The attention drawn inward

It is as if nothing belongs anywhere

Even tracing that which notices… 86 more words

  • your idiosyncrasies; my appreciative inquiries.
Quotes By Lucianiporte.

Vipassana meditation and seeds for innovation

First, here’s a high level summary of the technique and goal of Vipassana meditation as a primer. Basically, you use your own body sensations to internalize the belief of impermanence and stop the negative feedback loop of craving and aversion. 1,488 more words


My Fault

So sad, so sad, with no end in sight
There is an ending that’s not so bright
It comes with death but is not soon there… 163 more words