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Vipassana meditation and seeds for innovation

First, here’s a high level summary of the technique and goal of Vipassana meditation as a primer. Basically, you use your own body sensations to internalize the belief of impermanence and stop the negative feedback loop of craving and aversion. 1,488 more words


My Fault

So sad, so sad, with no end in sight
There is an ending that’s not so bright
It comes with death but is not soon there… 163 more words

88 Days and counting

It’s an auspicious day to start planning for my 2nd ultra marathon. It’s also worthwhile to look back and share lessons learned from my first multi-day race last fall, in the hopes that it will motivate me to do it all over again. 1,340 more words


The fakie Inward heelflip

This right here was one of my hardest tricks off the “ledge” at Santa Barbara skatepark. It was just a day of my friend and I just messing around nothing too serious, but then tourists started to show up and watch and for me that is a sort of “action” to go perform for them and myself. 123 more words


The Tug Inward.

I am not sure how much more inward I can go…

I live a solitary life (completely by choice) and watch minimal amounts of TV; got rid of smart phone so as to shut out the incoming noise (I am NOT bragging I am just figuring)… 397 more words

#big Love

ik 34 for 2.27 wp

ik 34
for 2.27 Feb. 2015

pause in any place
in any given moment
refocus and see

close your eyes and look inward
where rainbows illuminate… 100 more words


"I exist only..."

“I exist only in relationship to people, things, and ideas, and in studying my relationship to outward things and people, as well as to inward things, I begin to understand myself. 48 more words