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Shout out to my sister, Cristi

Cristi began her own blog “onbeinginvisible.wordpress.com”  (On Being Invisible) and it is great.  The invisibility of women as you become a woman “of a certain age” is no joke,  A reality we all live with but sometimes don[t recognize until something happens to bring it ti light.   91 more words


The Others - Eight

Any academic researcher would of course put their hands up in horror about what I decided to do at that point. An artist or a filmmaker might not care so much, though it would depend how ‘purist’ they were about their original intent and the medium they were using. 827 more words

Serial Horror Stories

Of Tiny Tits and Unshaved Arms

Do you ever sometimes feel like chopping your breasts off? Do you ever wish you were invisible? Not all the time, just to avoid the pointed stares and not-at-all-subtle nudges. 678 more words


A Simple Hello, by #BDF

Open book to write, motivated by the fear that there might be some original idea, thought, or concept I might be missing, might have passed over, or forgotten. 467 more words

Declarations Of Spirit

On the Value of Invisibility

Keng Sang Chu

Master Keng Sang Chu, a disciple of Lao Tzu, became famous for his wisdom, and the people of Wei-Lei began to venerate him as a sage. 347 more words

Sound Wisdom

Short Story: If you could see me now

I’ve read somewhere that “You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view – until you climb into his skin and walk around in it”. 1,606 more words


Light Can Do Way More Than Bend: Part 2

For the first post that I wrote for the blog 2 years ago, I discussed some of the cool things that focused, high intensity light from a laser can do. 774 more words