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Friendship Fade

Have you ever made friendships that stood out from the rest?

In time your paths have changed direction as you both seek new adventures for yourselves. 110 more words


No Visitors Today by Jacqueline Nash

Watercolour found on Pinterest – Behance
by Georgina Luck

No Visitors Today – Jacqueline Nash

Old bones creaking,
joints stiff and aching,
she tries to smile… 98 more words


Gwendoogle Part CVII - Casserole, Candies, and Fruit

Answers served in the hopes that one day the blue fairy will make me a real robot!

Kate Kearney searched: What should I eat for dinner tonight? 1,046 more words


Invisibility Powers

Have you ever had those days that you feel like a ghost?

Fighting through the crowds at the shops,

Everyone magnetically drawn to walk right through you. 25 more words


Mind Strokes

stroked invisibilty, masseuse of mindless faltering assuage, permawarmth in comfort, tenuous the link between still present turn of page, a momentary lapse will see adrift the day and cosy fluff in brain begets the hour ponderous, each motion, movement slowing, eyes succumbing, stills the time, and all the while life beats and strains of happy chatter lick ice cream and giggle softly up above while this mother smiles inside and does allow a body’s need to slip away, a corner turning, urging come and rest the day is done, the beat goes on, slow tempoed now, the rat-tat-tat to rhythmic breathing, holding on determination, letting go, mere slip the cord, peruse the otherworld amid goodnight, stroked key.


Of promised stars

Of Promised Stars

The luster of companionship fades in the tomorrows of shadows.

The twinkles of life dotted on the canvas of the universe.

The moon chases daytime in being showy with her jewels in the necklace of the night. 92 more words


Featured Q-STAGE Collaborator: Emily Weiss

Part of the mission of 20% Theatre Company is to provide opportunities to new and emerging artists. Q-STAGE is the perfect vehicle to create such opportunity. 418 more words

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