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Visualogie: Keep it simple, less is More!

“Special Effects not as classic Wow effect , but accomplices of writing and directing, at the service of the story.” This is the main goal of the working group Visualogie, who cared the Special Effects for  1,309 more words

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Researchers Used A Protein From Squid To Create 'Predator'-Like Camouflage

Usually, when scientists are making an ’80s movie happen, it’s The Terminator. So it’s nice to see the Predator getting some love from the scientific community, as a group of scientists are developing a tape that mimics his invisibility. 235 more words



Beloved ninja,
awhile back I realised I had the gift of invisability.

Before I knew what it was, I thought there were a lot of rude people in the world. 213 more words

Joe Fisher

My first post

So… I’ve never had a blog before. I haven’t even had a journey / diary so I don’t really know what I am doing or going to say. 139 more words

First Blog Post

Final Performance

The suffering we have experienced throughout our life can only be expressed concretely through artistic expression. It is always misunderstood if expressed directly, described, portrayed, effectively filtered, because each of these means is born of the visual and the need for concepts to be constructed. 534 more words

Inspired Moments

Hey Nerd...I Pick Invisibility!

So I was recently asked one of those nerdy little questions by one of those nerdy type people, you know the type, they believe in Science and Math. 604 more words


This post has a title, but it's invisible

Agent Carter and I have a lot in common. No, I don’t mean restrictive undergarments and smoking hot lipstick. I mean invisibility. Always being underestimated. Being nothing more than a device for the opportunistic to get what they want before discarding us once more. 1,159 more words

Agent Carter