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Seeing and hearing Philip Ball

Dr Philip Ball, who gave a talk in Christchurch last week, has an intimidating CV that includes working in an editorial role at Nature magazine for 20 years, … 672 more words


Withdrawn From The Outside World

All my life when I have been hurt, the more eager I have been to mend fences.

Eager to please.

Eager to make things right. 497 more words


The Dunwich Horror: Meet the Twins, Part 4 The Invisibility of Wilbur's Brother

The Dunwich Horror by Doug Dougmann (www.deviantart.org)

As previously mentioned, Wilbur’s twin appeared to have more of his father’s traits manifested phenotypically than Wilbur.  However, one of the most interesting of these traits was the fact that Wilbur’s twin was invisible.  1,098 more words

H.P. Lovecraft

Conversations with Self || #2 || 20 years of invisibility

You are only invisible to those who do not deserve to see you. – Unknown

How do you know who deserves to see you? 333 more words


four. invisibility

Thinking, as I wander through the happy, buzzing city of Adelaide in my 42 year-old body, about invisibility and anonymity. The complaint expressed by so many women once they reach ‘a certain age’ that they become invisible. 889 more words


How to make something invisible

Think how much writing–and reading–you could get done if no one knew you were there. This is eerily simple: just use 4 lenses to bend the light around the thing you want to “cloak.”  Will we resort to deep sea fish later to help us find things in the “dark”?

Superpowers Or Personality? Flight V Invisibility

In this episode of This American Life, a man talks about polling people he meets: would they prefer invisibility, or flight? http://www.thisamericanlife.org/radio-archives/episode/508/superpowers-2013 Some conditions apply. -There would be no other superpowers in the world, only yours -You get no extra powers beyond these (no super strength or invincible qualities) -Anything being worn while invisible will also be invisible; everything else is visible -You can fly really… Superpowers Or Personality? 9 more words