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My Personal Money Tips for Young Adults (20-Somethings)

Being a young adult myself, I’ve had my fair share of money grievances. There are a lot of unwise decisions I’ve made when it comes to handling my money, and hopefully people of my age would be able to avoid them. 985 more words


Vespa Lettings' Top Ten Tips for Landlords

  1. Location, Location, Location

Properties will rent (eventually) in all areas; however, it is essential to choose the correct location to minimise voids, maximise desirability and to ensure a steady income for many years. 1,091 more words

Outcomes from SPIEF: continuing conversations and the wisdom of Jack Ma

In an earlier post I provided some background to this year’s St Petersburg Economic Forum (SPIEF) and focused on the event’s growing Asian connections. As expected, the 19th Forum did indeed produce a number of new deals in Asia, as well as globally. 656 more words


Illusory liquidity and other risks from misguided central bank policy

Does liquidity matter? Not, it seems, to regulators and central banks. Little thought is being given to the global systemic risk created by today’s liquidity illusion. 1,017 more words


Equity as an asset class #10 - How should you invest?

In the last post of this particular series I want to write about the different ways in which you can invest in equity. This will depend on a variety of aspects like your financial stage in life, the capital you can deploy and the objectives that you have for equity investment. 578 more words


NEW: Insight for the Day 07:07:15: Complaints Department

Discussion Points

  1. Have we ever been disappointed?
  2. Have we ever disappointed someone?
  3. How have we handled the situation?

Case 07:07:15:

A popular TV program that encourages customers to report any situation that involves “dodgy” services or products is called “Watch Dog”. 222 more words