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Gloomy Day Mystery

Sunday ended up being another cloud-covered day, with intermittent drizzle. I decided to go for a hike and ended up being the only one at Jones Lake. 144 more words



What a morning! You’ll be seeing pictures of this event left, right and centre…and here are a few more.

To filter out the UV light on the camera’s components, I made a DIY solar filter…which sounds techy but, in reality, is a couple of layers of cut up CDs super glued over the lens. 131 more words


V-Up Challenge: Day 30

It looks very similar to my first video thirty days ago, but there are a few improvements.

I’m not making a huge jump to get myself off of the ground, and my descent is much more controlled. 178 more words

Aerial Silks

ASK the TECHsperts! Inverting....without sneaky toes

By Jess Z ~ Master Pole and Aerial Instructor (Pol-arise Fitness & Dance, Sydney)

You know the ones? That sneaky little (big) toe searching for a little bit of pole to grab, to hopefully then haul your ass up the pole. 857 more words

Pole Dance

Inverted world

Try inverting the colour on your device. If on Apple device go to accessibility and choose invert colours.


V-Up Challenge: Day 1

Today is the first day of Vertical Fitness’ V-Up Challenge. There are two versions of the challenge. One, see how many V-ups you can do between February 14 and March 15. 179 more words

Aerial Silks