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Inverted Graveyard Photo (Just for fun)

This is the previous photo, just with inverted colors to make it even creepier. Not really my style but it looks kinda neat regardless.


Monochromatic and Complementary Design

For this piece of artwork, I used the rulers to make sure I made each component the same size. I filled a layer with a shade of blue and then added another layer where I made all the shapes, which consisted of circles, squares, and triangles. 95 more words

Digital Art

Floral Eclipse Shield (06 Jun 15 Mandala)

Floral field broken
By mental eclipse
Causing fracture and asymmetry
In symmetrical unit
Stitches right in
Dawn’s light.


Complementary Painting

This is the second part of the two part painting. In this painting we had to and add a color that complements the hue we chose. 32 more words

Digital Photography

One-Year Anniversary!

Today marks one year of classes at Vertical Fitness. It’s flown by so quickly! To celebrate, I started off with Rain’s last workshop while she’s in town this weekend, followed by a class. 300 more words

Aerial Silks

Pole dancing // fitness

Pole dancing has been such a big part of my life since I first started about 2 years ago. It has gotten me through one of the worst months of my life, it has made me fitter and healthier than ever, it has allowed me to gain some muscles (*insert flexing emoji here*) and I’ve met some awesome pole dancers who continue to inspire me to train harder. 350 more words

Pole Dancer

Escape From Salto

I’m starting to feel better about being in our group routine. Dani has been more than helpful in forcing pushing making encouraging me do things over and over whether I want to or not. 170 more words

Aerial Silks