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Clear Limiting Beliefs About Relationships

Have you found your relationships shifting lately?  As a species, we are all evolving and going through big transformations.  Since we are all doing this at some level or other, our connections with others are changing as well.   574 more words

Nurture Yourself

Meditation, 5/10/15-5/16/15

15-minute Meditation
Set a timer for 15 minutes
Find a comfortable position

You might begin with a silent prayer
Or feel yourself connected to Spirit, God, Source, Creation, Oneness… 189 more words


Shamanic stories for guidance

Through  Stories from Persephone’s Garden I offer metaphorical narratives for guidance and healing. These are unique personal stories for individual clients (you can learn more about this  251 more words

Meditation & Guidance, 4/26/15-5/2/15

I The Magician (reversed)
You are ready.
You have what you need.
Believe anything is possible.

15-minute Meditation
Set a timer for 15 minutes… 193 more words


CLEARLY SEEN Highlights: April 22, 2015

Course Correction – Redirection

The long and winding road. What a lengthy and interesting ascension process we are having – still. The massive energy influx from the Solar Eclipse heralded an opening that we had previously never experienced before. 648 more words


Meditation & Guidance, 4/19/15-4/25/15

XV The Devil (reversed)
Break free from any limitations
What situations are not serving you?
What situations are limiting you?
Break free
Break free… 319 more words


Meditation & Guidance, 4/12/15-4/18/15

XX Judgement (reversed)
Take action from a place of joy.
Take action with the expectation that everything will work out fine.
Be in your power first before taking action. 223 more words