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Practising my Intuition

I have been wanting to develop my intuition for a while and often become frustrated at my lack of discipline when attempting to hone it. 185 more words


Two poems and an essay about dreams & existence

2004: The Body of Existence

Heaven and earth appear to meet

but are always running


There are no tomorrows

And no yesterdays,

Only memory and thought… 1,273 more words

Right Where You Are

You may find this shocking. You may not want to believe. But this is a universal truth. Just as true as the gravity holds us firm to the ground, and just as true as all forces of attraction are the underlying energy of the universe: pure love. 537 more words

Where is your boundary?

Blind people talk of how they can “feel” the edge of the pavement through their cane.   Racecar drivers say they “touch” the tarmac with their tires. 382 more words


Card of the Day - April 25

XVIII The Moon on Water
Follow your gut, our instincts and intuitions are usually well founded though we may not be able to see how at this moment. 18 more words


That intuitive space

Letter #14:

Managing space is something we all do. We exist in three dimensions, and, as sentient creatures we want to handle physical space in a way that suits us. 820 more words

Music Matters

Archangel Oracle Cards Peace


“Archangel Chamuel: Peace comes from remembering that only love is real.”

“Look past the surface of this situation and see the underlying truth: that everyone involved is a child of God filled with love. 136 more words