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Mercury retrograde May/June 2015

Time to reflect

Mercury retrograde occurs three times (sometimes four) a year. It slows down, appears to stop and go backwards. ‘Appears’ is the key word here, as this movement is an illusion. 392 more words


6 Simple Ways To Sharpen Your Intuition And Listen To What That Inner Voice Is Telling You

Everywhere we turn, we’re constantly drowned by other people telling us what to do and what to think (oh yeah, and how and when to do it, too). 1,077 more words

The Friday Tarot!

It’s Friday, so that means the weekly interactive Tarot is going on. You get to choose your message using your own intuition! This is something I am only doing on Facebook at this time. 79 more words

Caiti Cosmic

Making Space for Stillness


Let the waters settle and you will see the moon and the stars mirrored in your own being.–Rumi

Parents naturally recognize that a long bath settles a restless toddler, that snuggle time is a necessary oasis in a child’s day. 636 more words


The Struggle

It’s easier because it’s known
But it’s also harder because it’s known
A black streak in the top of
A triangle in the night’s sky… 89 more words

Poetry & Prose

No apologies

I grew up apologizing for everything – even when I knew I didn’t do anything wrong. I did this to keep the peace in the family. 122 more words

if i were sitting with you, teaching you how to gain access to your own unconscious companions, I would symbolically take you by the hand and say, “Follow me, because i know how to find them .” I know how they disguise themselves in your psyche and spirit and how they hide themselves in the events of your life.. 64 more words