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When the heart has more to say than the mouth will allow

I used to think there must be something wrong with me. After all, isn’t it childish to feel stage fright to any degree when you’re trying to talk about something important? 282 more words

Eleventh Heaven

By Amanda S.

Maybe I was looking for stability. Dad used to manage Target distribution centers – he’d get them up and running for 18 months, and then our family was off to the next site/state. 489 more words

Horseback Riding

Failing Successfully

From fairly early childhood, I was a reserved, self-contained person. A shy introvert with anxiety issues; really it’s a wonder I ever left the house! I was also a very sensitive child, and the slings and arrows of even quite ordinary fortune hit me harder than I suspect most people realized. 677 more words


Introversion: what's the harm?

Ever since I was little, I always noticed that I was somewhat different from my peers. Whilst groups of girls collated on the playground, playing ‘kiss-chase’ and groups of boys hared around madly during a particularly ruthless game of ‘It’, I would usually be residing either in a classroom or the school library, reading quietly. 1,012 more words

Three Tenets of God

There are three things most Christians would seem to accept about God. However, when thinking more in depth about these, there are some massive contradictions. 228 more words

Why I'm Lucky To Have A Father Of Few Words

A man of few words is the phrase often used to describe my father. He is an academic, an introvert and hardly a “guy’s guy”. He is not the father who took you to basketball games, spent Sunday afternoons watching football or had poker nights in your basement; he is the man who when he speaks has something thoughtful and intelligent to say; he the man who spent most of my childhood locked away in his office writing academic pieces; finally, he is the man who probably could not tell you what my favorite color is or who my first boyfriend was. 352 more words

Quote of the day

What makes a partner’s personality uplifting and generative? Intimacy. Introverts are not into small talk. We want to share emotions, feelings and ideas. Not just any emotions or feelings or ideas – meaningful ones.
-Brenda Knowles