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3 Word Challenge

Hi guys! For my first set of posts, I would like to start a series. It just came to me when I was casually writing up my bio for this blog. 213 more words

3 Word Challenge

Shyness is Nice But...

There are three types of personality; extroverts, introverts and people who die inside when someone else gets into the same lift (elevator) because they have a mortal fear of being engaged in conversation with a stranger. 435 more words

#introverts Prefer Mountainous Terrain — from Introvert Dear

Scientific Research has shown Introverts prefer Mountains?

The article at Introvert, Dear, says according to the Big Five Personality Test, only one factor was related to terrain preference — introversion. 79 more words


18:16:24:04:15:21 - battles *

* i want to tell you a secret. many already know it. many already live it. many never will understand it. the reason i don’t crave connection with people is that the connection hurts. 193 more words



SANTA CLAUS, n. Fictional extrovert. (No introvert would enter all those houses unannounced.)

Introvert, part 2.

solitude as a crucial ingredient,
yet i am never be allowed to use it.
even defined, describes unhappy,
that’s not my state-
just being content in my own is what i seek. 619 more words


Being quiet is not a bad thing…

Today I went to a party.  I’m a major introvert and I’m very quiet and shy in most social situations, so parties are not my thing; even small parties such as this one.   727 more words