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Fair Warning...

I found a great phrase in this article about shyness on psychologytoday.com: Liquid Extroversion.

OK, shyness is not the same as Introversion, but many of us will have been through the same phases in adolescence or early adulthood – feeling a little different and reaching out for a little social lubricant in liquid form.  740 more words


Simplicity & Weekends...

I’m not your typical 20 something’s.  I like to do simple, quiet things on the weekends.

Here I’ve created a list of 12 things I enjoy doing.   108 more words


No, Thanks. I’m Good

I love to talk. It’s one of my favorite things and writing this blog is an extension of my passion for expressing myself. I have lots of opportunities to talk at work. 799 more words



There is beauty in silence.

Some mightn’t recognise it at first, but there is something magically captivating about a quiet room or an empty field, something soothing about a hushed library or a beach on a rainy day. 267 more words


Jeanne reblogged this on Slowing The Pace and commented:

Resonating words.  The following re-blogged post sums up the reason I need, and am thrilled to be, completely alone...sometimes.

I don't deserve to be an INFJ

When I first read about MBTI personality testing and found out I was an INFJ, I was so ecstatic about hearing how special and rare I am. 640 more words


The introverted job hunter

Over the past 5 years I’ve had the opportunity to explore the world of an introvert more closely. Being married to my Jen (who shows an introverted preference) has been an opportunity to reflect on the deep, beautiful and at times mystifying world of an introvert. 606 more words


Introvert, part 2.

solitude as a crucial ingredient,
yet i am never be allowed to use it.
even defined, describes unhappy,
that’s not my state-
just being content in my own is what i seek. 619 more words