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Personalityism (aka the rant of an introvert)

After the emotional rollercoaster of last week, the weekend was relaxing and I came into work today ready to tackle what promises to be another crazy, busy, emotional week… until I had The First Grade Class from Hell and all my resolve and hope was sent plummeting down to earth faster than my kids run out of the classroom when the bell rings for lunch (and let me tell you, that is FAST). 1,129 more words

Life In General

Things My Father Taught Me: Photography

Perhaps it was because my introvert tendencies mirrored his that my father understood me more than most adults in my younger years.  He made sure I took part in as many experiences and activities as were possible.   615 more words


Introverts Lead

Growing up, I never questioned my leadership abilities. My hand always was raised in class. I volunteered to spearhead school activities. I ran for student government. 404 more words


Personality Positive: Being an Introvert

Hi. You don’t know me yet but I wanted my first post to be about something that has shaped every part of my being and grown me in to the 27 year old adult I am today: I am an introvert and I am proud of who I am. 444 more words


Introversion and Teaching.

It only took weeks into teaching before I began asking myself if both can actually coexist. Thought it through NIE days and concluded (then) that it… 142 more words

The endeavor to understand

I meant to publish this yesterday. But my computer wouldn’t connect to the Internet last night. Thank you for your understanding…

“The endeavor to understand is the first and only basis of virtue.” 425 more words


Basement Dweller Acceptance Movement

I think there should be a Basement Dweller acceptance movement. Fat acceptance activists achieved lots. They convinced a lot of people that fat is cool. Fat is the shit. 163 more words