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Blog Post 2

My bedroom was the space that I listed as my favourite in my first blog post. In terms of analyzing the space through Lefebrve’s triad,  I can say quite a bit in terms to the spatial parctices, representational space and the representation of my space. 811 more words


We're an Insatiable Pair of (Pretend) Troublemakers

Hi there–

My name is Vera, because that is NOT already obvious.  This is my not-so-poignant introduction post.  There’s a little place in my heart devoted to Journalism, so in my free time I will interview people, businesses, whatever, really, and write about them. 97 more words


Blog Post 2 - Reorientation

The space I described in my first blog post, my living room and kitchen in my apartment in New York, is now a different space all-together. 650 more words


Evan's Cottage - Blog Post 2

Like most East coast cottages situated near the ocean (lakes are different as they’re usually winterproofed), my cottage is used solely for the warmer months welcoming many, and in turn disables almost all bodies from interacting with it during colder times. 496 more words


Author Intro: @Marissupial

In choosing to remain somewhat anonymous in this blog, I will introduce myself simply by my class twitter handle @Marissupial. (Feel free to follow, although I generally only post for class). 426 more words


About us: Crystal Clear

We are four students from the University of Maryland who believe that all companies that collect, maintain and redistribute user data should be crystal clear in their terms of service what information they are collecting and exactly what they will be doing with this information. 44 more words


Let's Talk RA

First of all – I apologize for anyone who saw this a number of times. Trying to get a page posted on this blog doesn’t seem to work with the new WordPress editor. 569 more words

Chronic Illness