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Ambitions and Passions - Not Dreams

With 2015 gnawing swiftly at each month, I decided that blogging would be good for me. This may prove to be quite the opposite, since deadlines and expectation stresses me – but hey, what’s life without a little risk! 662 more words


[INTRO] AllissyaVernanda

Hallo!! Perkenalkan aku AllissyaVernanda kalian bisa panggil aku Lia atau Nanda bagi yang seumuran. Bagi yang gak seumuran kalian mau panggil aku apa aja terserah yang penting sopan, oke? 57 more words


So, here we are...

A blog about opinions.  How novel, right?

Well, this one *is* a bit different.  I will be inviting lots of people to contribute.  These people will sometimes present opposing opinions.   117 more words


Hi guys!

If I have emailed you the website address then you should be here. All others, bug off. This is for me and my old friends. For you guys who know who really is typing this, I miss you guys SOOO much! 16 more words


Hitting Keys Again

My blogging history reflects seven blogs and three platforms in a span of six years. In those years, I’ve jumped from creative writing to health writing, and on some occasions, I’ve basked my writings in drizzles of my unspoken worries. 156 more words


That Means Everyone

I opened up this little nook on the net because I wanted a place to articulate my thoughts that wasn’t the comment section of someone’s Facebook post or the den of vultures that is a web forum.  717 more words


What Am I Doing Here?

Hello world,

I’ve already introduced myself earlier on but I just want to rehash what the whole point of this wonderful word space is.

I write what I think, point blank. 124 more words