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In the beginning the Universe was created.

That title makes me sound very egotistical, but I couldn’t decide on another title so I do apologise.

Anyway, hello! I am an English Literature student, about to start my second year at uni. 57 more words



Last year, I had a nervous breakdown. I doubted, and almost lost, everything in my life that I had worked on for many years. I suppose that what happened to me was the infamous midlife crisis. 383 more words



Annyeong chingu….. BabyChanie imnida

Nama aslinya Sukma

Aku lahir 29 Maret 2001….masih muda kan?^^

Aku EXO-L&SONE forever…. 74 more words


Where should I begin?

I’ve always been the kind of person who liked putting her thoughts into words, but over the years I’ve strayed from writing due to being busy with other things, mostly being in school my entire life. 494 more words


Introductions are in Order.

I don’t expect this to get a lot of traffic.

That isn’t some psuedo-humbleness speaking either. Honestly, it’s better that people only see this on one of two occasions. 397 more words

Apoptosis Introduction

Apoptosis is the process where damaged cells commit suicide to replace themselves with new cells. If damaged cells are not replaced then diseases, like cancer, can form. 76 more words