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Interview with "Miss May I" Levi Bention

By: Savannah Cotton

Levi Benton Interview:

What inspired you to start the band?

It was pretty much just to have fun after school. We started with covers to kill time. 216 more words


Interview with Caroline!  Let's meet Maxwell!

This week, I am introducing you to Caroline and Maxwell.

We haven’t had the chance to meet but I sure hope to have the opportunity to one day. 398 more words

Cri Du Chat Syndrome

The Interviewing Pitfall You Didn't Know About

Interviewers are people, too. Doing the same thing over and over again isn’t usually very exciting. It can get boring spending several days interviewing candidates for a job. 219 more words

Job Hunt

FEATURED ARTIST: Author Georgia Lyon

Today’s featured artist is author Georgia Lyon, a.k.a. Florida Frenz. I read a post she wrote on Facebook and it was one of the most inspiring messages I’d read in a very long time. 1,085 more words


The Success Behind Youtube Cooking Channels

Youtube has been a fast-growing website for users to upload content, and whether it is for their own entertainment or for a large following, people around the world use Youtube simply as a platform to showcase their work. 405 more words



Nicole Mones published last year her latest book Night in Shanghai. The novel is very interesting adventure that is taking place in the Asian city. 1,633 more words


Taking One For The Team: Q & A with Stefanie Williams

By: Savannah Schepp

If you’ve ever read BroBible, you may recognize the alias Sporty McBangin’. Her story, aptly titled Chasing the Jersey, documents years of getting down and dirty with professional athletes. 2,734 more words