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"If you want an Oscar, they give those for supporting roles."

TRIGGER WARNING: ableism, racism, white entitlement, transphobia


I have had a radical shift in thinking. A radical shift that is also a continuation of the path I’ve been wandering, a fitting in of a puzzle piece that was waiting to be placed there. 884 more words


Measuring Privilege the Wrong Way

This thought-provoking and problematic “check your privilege” list has been circulating on Twitter this morning, seemingly at least partly originating from this tweet

Normally, I am all for discussions of privilege. 499 more words

Thoughts & Perspectives

Why Intersectional Feminism is a Necessity

Women, in both the oriental and occidental worlds, face oppressions at every point on the spectrum – whether it be a woman in America facing rape for baring her uncovered breasts, or a women in The Middle East facing rape for baring her uncovered face. 148 more words

Social / Political

3/30 - Keep Your Eyes on the Prize (Clay, 2012)

The Hip-Hop Generation Fights Back: Youth, Activism, and Post-Civil Rights Politics By Andreana Clay

I. The Political/Economic/Racial Divide 


II. Reflections of Post-Civil Rights Moment (in ‘hoods; in people)  330 more words


In Response to the article "Is it time to stop reading books from white men?"

As a white person, I know I hold a very strong platform for being heard. I would hope that as I work on this blog I am heard for the things I discuss around sexuality, class, ability, and other identities I own that are not seen in mainstream discourse. 405 more words


Be aware of intersectionality, don’t define people with simplified terms

I love helping people.

I try to be readily available for my friends, acquaintances and even random classmates to help with school projects or to be a shoulder to cry on if school or life becomes a little too stressful. 515 more words