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Gender and Removing the Confederate Flag

Lots of people in my social media streams are talking about Bree Newsome, the community organizer who scaled a pole last Saturday and removed the confederate flag flying over the South Carolina state capitol. 729 more words

Social Movement

Some Brief Thoughts

Today I am grateful for:

  1. My incredible friends and colleagues at the Task Force who have become people I can trust and rely on in such a short amount of time.
  2. 180 more words

Intersectionality 101


As those of you who will likely be reading this post don’t know me or my writing, my name is Matt and I’m a white cisgendered man. 1,391 more words



Today I woke up and watched a documentary on Nina Simone’s life. Oh Nina, I’m sorry I never knew how Great you were. Your serious, done-with-everyone’s-shit stature and the deep rumbling voice coming from your very essence. 387 more words


Feminism, part V

3. Trans* people + gender stereotypes

A close friend and I talked about trans* people quite a while back, and it’s got me wondering since then if it was “unfeminist” that many trans* people who express their gender identity (be it femininity or masculinity) do so by subscribing to gender stereotypes. 1,384 more words

Riding the P (for Patriarchy) Train

Trigger Warning: Discussion of sexual harassment and assault.

MTA New York City Transit recently teamed with those progressive folks at the NYPD to produce “ad cards” entitled “Sexual Harassment is a Crime in the Subway, too.” … 28 more words


I don’t even have the right words for this, I’m pretty sure. But I’m going to give it a shot. Here goes.

In the wake of the shooting in… 624 more words