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Let’s Talk About Thin Privilege

When you’re not thin, other people on the beach actually do take offense. When you’re not thin, people really do think that you shouldn’t be in a bathing suit.

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At one level, my interest in the historical experiences of queers in the South reflects a desire to create a narrative that would allow me to bring the seemingly disparate parts of my identity together, if only for a textual moment.

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Not You, Her

I went to Wal Mart this afternoon. It was a pretty normal trip, except for the saddening moment that’s still running through my mind now, three hours later. 937 more words


Penn State Altoona Tackles Race Issues in the U.S. During #DoBlackLivesMatter Panel


A panel of Penn State Altoona students and faculty led a roundtable discussion with topics of racism, white privilege, and systemic oppression at Misciagna Titleman Lounge on March 30, 2015. 680 more words

The Cuban Revolution Remix (ft. Roy Lichtenstein)

Within the Cuban Revolution, another was occurring on the island. One of liberation, internally. An excerpt from a Cuban woman, Rosa, in Sexual Revolutions in Cuba: Passion, Politics, and Memory… 28 more words


It's the thought that counts...

A co-worker just returned from a long vacation; she brought back a gift for each staff member.
I honestly do sincerely appreciate the gesture, but this really made me think… 19 more words

How to Write a Feminist Blog

Step 1: Find yourself amidst a group of not necessarily similarly-minded feminists. Ask them how they view the world. Listen to what they care about. Tell them what you care about. 411 more words