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Somewhere in America

So, yesterday I went to a mandatory “training” (read: lecture) on “intersectionality.”

Yeah, I had no idea what that word meant either.  I’ll be honest, I still don’t, really.   538 more words

Try These Four Fun Tips to Make Women Feel Weird!

Other people’s agency got you down?

Having difficulty asserting the dominion over man and beast our sexual culture has promised you?

What if the secret to sleeping with any woman you wanted was simply making her feel weird enough to consent despite her deeply held reservations? 554 more words

Biopolitical Social Control

Chinese Privilege, Gender and Intersectionality in Singapore: A Conversation between Adeline Koh and Sangeetha Thanapal

Edited by Petra Dierkes-Thrun
Introduction (by Adeline Koh)


Singapore, a tiny Southeast Asian nation-state, is well known for its impressive economic growth since its independence in 1965. 6,807 more words

The B2 Review

The 87th Academy Awards Ceremony was held last week in ‘Murica and amongst all of the capitalist, white-washing gratuitous self-indulgent shite that was splattered across the media, … 1,197 more words


Greatest Generation? What Happened 70 Years Ago Will Change Your Mind!

On the night of March 9-10, 1945, General Curtis LeMay, head of the Twenty-first U.S. Bomber Command, brought an all-American brand of hell into the Pacific theater as his bombardiers laid siege on Tokyo. 120 more words

Why intersectionality is important

Written by: Aleeya Wilson

The Academy Awards took place last Sunday night.

Old standbys were present–like the unexpected winner and triumph of the underdog. But to everyone’s surprise, an unforeseen speech came out in full force also–this… 271 more words

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