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Data Interpretation Question

Parth, a management trainee with an international bank, has to meet seven managers A, B, C, D, E, F and G on a particular day between 9 am to 4 pm He takes 30 minutes with each manager and keeps a gap of 25 minutes between two appointments for travel and preparation, except one meeting where he keeps an additional 25 minutes for lunch apart from his regular break time. 65 more words


White Dress, Blue Dress, One Dress, Two Dress

My best friend is red-green colorblind. Since both colors look identical to her, she can never know for sure whether the color she sees is actually red, actually green, or some amalgam of the two. 571 more words

Faith Alone, the the Apostle John, and Shameless Popery

Does the Apostle John, and other Apostles, teach we need good works on top of faith in order to be saved? It is my contention, as a Christian layman as much as His grace allows me to speak the truth, that ultimately our good works are immaterial. 2,699 more words


Experiencing Arcadia

Have you ever visited a historic garden and wondered how people experienced it in the past? Ever wondered what it was like to see the landscape while on horseback? 339 more words


Thoughts are not a problem, when not owned

Whether a signal is interpreted as coming from the kidney or the heart, it is being processed in the brain – and the processing is done according to how you have conditioned the brain.  491 more words

Modern Spirituality

DPP Exercise 20 - Improvement or Interpretation

Improvement or Interpretation


Photograph or find an image that will allow local adjustments to be made within it to demonstrate the use of Photo editing local adjustment tools and how they can be used to improve or add additional interpretation to an image. 645 more words



While reading about new exhibits at a museum in someone’s house (their old mansion), and remembering tours I have been on that were also in old houses, I always had a desire to see the ENTIRE thing. 102 more words