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Falling Teeth in dreams

Came upon this post on 9gag and realised this is a common dream that a lot of people share. It’s good to know that I’m not the only one but at the same time it’s sad because it is… 138 more words


Elements in the Geomantic Shield Chart

In the last post on technique, I went over a technique that’s mostly been underdeveloped and underused in Western geomancy, the technique of reading the triads in the Shield Chart, which is basically an expansion of the same technique used to read the Witnesses and Judge applied to the Mothers, Daughters, and their resulting Nieces.   2,382 more words


Originalism: A Quarter-Century of Debateby Steven G. Calabresi (Editor)

What did the Constitution mean at the time it was adopted? How should we interpret today the words used by the Founding Fathers? In Originalism: A Quarter-Century of Debate… 188 more words


Feeling Materialistic

I went to Newport yesterday for a History Space program on material culture. I don’t know why I  was nervous, really, because I love stuff. I try not to accumulate too much stuff in my own life, and to be a careful curator, but really: beautiful objects make me really happy, and I love talking about “the thingness of things.” 387 more words

Living History


PMT 2015-038 by Kenneth L. Gentry, Jr.

The principle of gradualism has long been the method of God and the experience of God’s people in Scripture. 1,163 more words


What is constellated in our minds

“Essentially, every image is nothing but a dab of colour, a hunk of stone, a trick of light on the retina that triggers the illusion of discovery or recollection, just as we are nothing more than a multiplicity of infinitesimal spirals in whose molecules, we are told, every one of our traits and tremors are contained. 93 more words


Time flies....

….and there’s still lots to do. Amongst that is trying to find out what I’m going to make the branches out of…. so far, a bit lost at that particular detail. 347 more words