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Christology Low and High: Dafoe vs. Powell

Once more into the world of Catechist Formation: from a course on Christology. 1,625 more words


Rogers Advocates for LGBT Equality, Part 1

Jack Rogers. 2009. Jesus, The Bible, and Homosexuality:  Explode the Myths, Heal the Church.  Louisville:  Westminster John Knox Press.

Review by Stephen W. Hiemstra… 2,001 more words


Fiorenza on Augustine's Platonistic Hermeneutic

From Systematic Theology: Task and Methods

In On Christian Doctrine, Augustine developed principles and rules for the interpretation of the Scriptures. In so doing, Augustine provided important and influential contributions to rhetoric, education, theology, and hermeneutics.

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Yep, another set of bullshit photos

The overly iPhone edited to show b&w depth

And the gratuitous flowers.

Wait. I kind of like that.


Guest Blog: Spotlight on Social Media Resources

Intro: The ATISDA Blog is a group effort and would not be possible without the ongoing contributions from various members. This week we pass the baton to our group’s VP, Yolanda Secos. 409 more words


maybe the most

meaningful experiences

are the most meaningless



Peace on the Hill: Speaking the language of peace

By Charissa Zehr

As a bilingual person aspiring to be trilingual, living with a bilingual spouse, I spend a lot of time thinking about language construction and the flawed way we interpret one language into another. 460 more words


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Language learning plays an important role on the global scale for interpreters and conflict negotiators. As Zehr highlights in this article, knowledge of language, of conflict, and of "true reconciliation" are key to peace processes.