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This is yet another exciting week with Mondays Finish the Story challenge. I try taking different ways while writing. The photo prompt for this week is as follows… 151 more words

Creative Writing

Look twice, think twice: pictures messages

Here’s a performance I thought twice about sharing with you because of the bad language, but the message is so good, I’m going ahead with it.


‘I’m so glad to see you here’: Why inclusion must be more than a policy.

Last week’s #museumsrespondtoferguson discussion was on inclusion policies and their implementation in recruitment practice (you can read the Storify story here). At one point, one of the hosts of the chat, Adrianne Russell, shared, ‘I can’t count how many times black visitors told me “I’m so glad to see you here”’, which just floored me. 1,057 more words


close reading - how it could go with a focus on repetition

we know, and we teach our students, that authors don’t just throw any old detail into their writing. there is a purpose for the details they include. 848 more words

Common Core


                                                                   SCULPTURES DESIRE-PAIN-PASSION


I heard this line while travelling back to home and this line literally changed my perception to look at things and situations. 309 more words

You Don't Have a PR Person Telling You What to Say

For years after the success of Pygmalion, his play later adapted into the more famous musical My Fair Lady, George Bernard Shaw spilled a lot of ink arguing that Eliza would not marry Higgins. 866 more words