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The first step to internship excitement

I made it! I’m halfway to starting my internship!

I’m right back where I was two weeks ago: in Lexington, Kentucky, waiting for my internship to start. 409 more words


Don't Give Up

No matter how many internships/jobs you apply to, remember the number one rule: DON’T GIVE UP!

One thing I have learned about applying for internship/jobs is that you can never apply to too many. 74 more words

Where Creativity Works

Top 5 ways to score you Gold

After receiving your invitation to the Golden Key Society you are probably wondering what exactly that membership fee will buy you, right? Our reporter, Shannon Frost… 279 more words


The Adirondack Museum

The Adirondack Museum is looking for interns to help catalogue their photograph collection and more!

Full-time internships are available for 12 week periods in the fall and spring semesters, 8 weeks during the summer. 30 more words


How to Find a Job After College Without Internships

If you’re like me, you graduated college without ever completing an internship. In my case, I worked full-time and was unable to add other responsibilities to my already full plate. 473 more words


June Intern of the Month

Meet ___ ____.

(insert photo)

____ Intern

(Interview Questions)


I'm bored


I’m so bored like oh my gosh I’m so bored. I have so much time on my hands that I’ve managed to catch up on Castle, Running Man, Superman is Back, and a couple of anime! 276 more words