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Berners-Lee, December 29, 2005

This article by a senior academic, addresses the blogs present communications revolution. Against those regretting the shrinking of the newspapers reading, he stresses the open and collaborative traits of blogging. 231 more words


Aw, snap! - Gmail isn't working in Google Chrome

I am a big fan of google products because of the simplicity and creativity it always offer. Since the introduction of smart phone, my life is centralized by google accounts that I maintain so far. 214 more words

Aw Snap

Xiaomi starts rolling out Mi 4i update to fix heating issues

Ever since the Mi 4i has been released, some users have been complaining about excessive heating on their units. To alleviate this issue, the company released the previous v6.5.4.0 update but that didn't seemed to have solved the issue. 115 more words


Supercell gana 5 millones de dólares al día con Clash of Clans

El modelo Freemium en los videojuegos para dispositivos móviles está en su máximo apogeo con cientos de estudios creando o modificando sus juegos. Este modelo permite que los jugadores puedan probar gratuitamente los primeros niveles de un juego para luego ir avanzando a través del mismo mediante micropagos, que suelen ayudar a reducir el tiempo de creación de cierta edificación u otorga al héroe de unos poderes especiales durante cierto determinado tiempo. 703 more words


Quotes, ligatures, dashes and dots …

Typography – the art and technique of arranging type (letters or symbols) to make written language readable and appealing.

I am a bit of a stickler for correct typography. 1,390 more words


THỜI BÌNH LOẠN KỲ 2: Chia Sẻ Tài Nguyên trên Internet và Sự Tôn Trọng Lẫn Nhau

Tình cờ đọc được một bài viết rất tâm huyết của chị Ony trên CFC về “ĐẠO FIC VÀ NHỮNG VẤN ĐỀ LIÊN QUAN” ( 842 more words

Tâm Sự