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A Personal Life Update From Cooks Beach

The beach you are looking down on in this photo is the where I am currently living. I’ve been here just about 6 weeks now, and will stay another 4 weeks before returning to Colorado. 910 more words


Break the Internet

Last winter, Paper Magazine published that ridic cover with Kim Kardashian somehow pouring an exploding bottle of champagne ever so daintily on her derriere. The magazine received a good amount of flak for creating something that was… 723 more words

Week 1 Blog Reflection : Media for Learning and Teaching

A few years ago, the use of technology to teach is nothing but a thought. But with the advancement of technology, a person can get a degree without driving to school physically or sitting in a classroom for an hour or so and listening to a lecture from their teacher. 338 more words


Smart cities, wifi for all citizens

Nowadays we received offers to connect to the internet at really fast speeds. Commons users of internet just use a really little portion of this bandwidth so we should consider that the big portion of the possible speed or data is lost. 230 more words


Waiting For a Better Connection

I’m posting from my phone tonight waiting for my new and improved internet connection to kick in tomorrow. While living in the sticks-away from the road and not taking the paper is quite nice- there is not a decent internet connection to be had. 140 more words

The BEST DICTIONARY software you should have in your PC


We came across atleast 2 new words each day & we can’t only rely on INTERNET for searching the words

That’s why, we need some SUPERB OFFLINE dictionary to have, 32 more words

Working Suggestions


Things to which I gladly gave my time can barely be accomplished anymore.  Not fair.  Having been so long out of the loop, this WordPress format is even new.   478 more words