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Three Strikes

In which The Author’s ex-girlfriend is ‘out’

Back at the end of September, Rhian and I had a very pleasant day out in London, as I told you in… 880 more words


A New Year Idea

In which The Author suggests a resolution to his readers

Things might have seemed fairly quiet on the Anthony Nolan Trust front since I first got behind the Shake4Mike Campaign back in the summer. 529 more words


A Lost Opportunity

In which The Author wonders what the phrase ‘creative people’ actually means

A few days ago Andrew Chainey, Aberdare’s multimedia and web whizzkid, an occasional proofreading client, and one of my good friends for many years, posted a link on Facebook. 416 more words


From Russia With Love (Again)

In which The Author receives a spam email

I was checking my emails this afternoon when I spotted one from an unfamiliar address. I opened it out of curiosity, and this is what it said: 393 more words


Back on the Shelf Again

In which The Author receives a surprise delivery

My regular readers will probably already be familiar with the Cosmic Tigger Library. It’s my personal collection of books, magazines, theatre programmes, records, DVDs and other things which I’ve accumulated over the past thirty-odd years. 1,453 more words


The Sound of the Crowdfund

In which The Author buys a very small share in a music video

Catrin Southall and I have been friends for so long that I can’t even remember where and when we first met. 826 more words


A Small, Sad World

In which The Author feels sorry for some friends

One of the disadvantages of social networking is that the famous ‘Six Degrees of Separation’ phenomenon becomes a part of everyday life. 550 more words