International Travel is Tough

Lesson 1 of what I am sure will be 10,000,000: know your transit visas and be confident.

When I went to check in at SFO on my flight to DC a warning came up on the screen stating that I did not have all of mt documents. 111 more words

Wandering into Passports

When September rolls around this year, I’ll be boarding a plane for my first international flight.

There are any number of things I have to freak out over for that – something going wrong with my tickets (because I booked through a third-party site), getting lost in LAX (I feel like this is self-explanatory), over-packing (I don’t want to check my bags), occupying my time for a 15 hour flight (again – I don’t want to bring too much stuff with me), feeling super cramped/claustrophobic (nice long 15 hour flight), and of course, my obvious make-me-want-to-hyperventilate anxiety about being on a transatlantic flight when I’ve only been on a two hour long (round-trip) flight in the last 15 years (insert any and all flight related fears here). 1,130 more words


More International Monetary Fund News

Even with billions in Gulf aid, Egypt may still turn to IMF
Egypt is currently not seeking an IMF loan because the pace of required reforms may not be compatible with social conditions in the country, the state-run news agency quoted International Cooperation Minister Naglaa Al-Ahwany as saying…

Off to Europe!!

Hey everyone! I have a bit of a surprise for you guys… 344 more words


The FIFA storm

Lots of action, drama unfolded in the past few days surrounding FIFA and the future of football in general. Camps were formed, strong opinions, stronger press conferences, FBI in action, twitter flooded with emotions – all possible ingredients of a classic Hollywood movie came into life in a week. 437 more words


Washington removes Cuba from US list of terrorism sponsors

HAVANA (AP) — The Obama administration formally removed Cuba from the U.S. terrorism blacklist Friday, a decision hailed in Cuba as the healing of a decades-old wound and an important step toward normalizing relations between the Cold War foes. 873 more words