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Wishful Wednesday: The American School of Paris

I am visiting Paris this summer for about five days in June. One thing that is kinda on my list of things to see is the American School of Paris.   503 more words


New Teacher Orientation for Returning Teachers

One post that has been pretty popular over the past year is my post about New Teacher Orientation. I believe I wrote it at the beginning of this school year and reflected about all of the orientations I’ve been to.   925 more words


Seeing Scientists at Work in Jee Young's Classroom

For those of you who follow us, you know that Two Apples A Day consists of two elementary teachers, collaborating on one blog. We started this adventure in the same country, at the same school, with the same vision (haha, okay reeling it back). 349 more words

Join the Smart Way of Learning

Achieve your dreams in the fast lane

The rate at which technology is changing is overwhelming. The new gadgets are meant to improve people’s lifestyles but it is entirely up to each individual to make the best use of the opportunities that are being put on display. 335 more words


Education's best kept secret - teaching at International schools. 

I assume that all who read this blog are teachers or somehow involved in the education game. What might make me different to you is that I no longer teach in my home country, but choose the life of a teacher in the international school world. 389 more words


Teachers and Storytellers bring textbooks to life!

Why ChemCaper?

“Chemistry is one subject where every topic is interlinked. ChemCaper aims to help students understand the subject through play and help them connect the information,” said Melinda Lim, our Academic Director, who guides the team throughout the entire ChemCaper journey. 554 more words


Wishful Wednesday: Saigon South International School

I feel like I might end up in Vietnam at my next school! No they don’t speak Spanish in Vietnam. No I most likely wont be able to save as much money as I currently do in Vietnam. 862 more words