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Pain in Poetry

I think of you when I start to write

But I stop myself

When I remember

That you never think of me

At all

And then I become angry… 34 more words

Internal Reflection

Lucy in the Sky with Total Internal Reflection

Say what you will about the tyranny of African warlords or the tyranny of a certain massive multi-company cartel, but diamonds have held the interest of humans for centuries. 1,233 more words


I still hear your voice
Ringing in my ears
Filling my head
Although it’s faded
And I wish to cry
And forget we said
Goodbye… 166 more words

Internal Reflection

An Unimaginable Truth...

It’s almost unimaginable that The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms does not include the right for its citizens to live in a healthy environment. 83 more words



My mind
My thoughts
Are foggy
By memories
Of a life not lived
The remnants of a
Lingering in the frame
Of a picture perfect dream  106 more words

Internal Reflection


I was drowning
Even though
I could swim
The light burst
Through the waves
And pulled me
Back in
Blue of the sky
Blue of the sea… 51 more words

Internal Reflection

15+ years off skates. Guess what happened when I laced them back on...

So…winter’s here again in my part of the world which normally, for me, means three+ months of hibernation, cozied up inside, snuggled under a blanket, hot chocolate in hand (with marshmallows, of course!), enjoying the snow and cold through my living room window. 1,514 more words