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Building A Brand - Internally and Externally

This topic will have at least two blog posts so as to tell the whole story. It’s about building a differentiating brand for a business unit first within the company, and then taking it to the overall business division, which meant taking it externally. 543 more words


Do David Cameron's election team know anything about communications?

Picture this. Coca-Cola launch a new campaign and it exists almost entirely of criticism of Pepsi. Their TV adverts, radio adverts and social media focus upon the negative aspects of their biggest rival. 269 more words


Office 365, Now With Video Feature for Internal Communications

A recent post on Microsoft’s blog announces a new feature that will allow Office 365 customers all around the world access to a new video service, perfect for internal communications. 182 more words

How Talking Sports Helps Your Career

Way back in the day, early, early in my career, I was told to learn how to play golf.

The reason? The golf course is where business is done, and most clients like to meet at the golf club. 479 more words


Yammer, yammer, yammer

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away (actually, it was on the outskirts of Luton, but when you work at head office in the City, Luton really does seem far, far away) I was privy to an early dabble in using electronic fora – messageboards, if you will – for internal communication purposes. 605 more words

Social Media

How I Introduced Social Media To A Company's Internal Communications

I thought I would share how I incorporated social media into an internal communications strategy at a company at which I once worked. Now, let’s be clear – this was back in the 2000s when blogging was brand new. 659 more words


The theory of everything...comms related

(Authentic Engagement + Business Intelligence)*Innovation = Mastery in Dynamic Markets®

There it is, my very own theory of everything.

It’s (seemingly) less complicated than that of Stephen Hakwing’s but it’s relevant for operating in today’s dynamic markets as a comms specialist, change management specialist, internal comms specialist, digital marketing guru, social media strategist…and all the rest of the weird and wonderful roles that make up the people who build bridges between markets. 236 more words

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