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Mix it up: Six reasons to aim for generalists over specialists

It’s an obvious thing to say that most people in work are better at some things than others, and that most people have a specialism. In Comms, and many other business areas, however, I think having a team of specialists is a bad idea. 354 more words


How PR builds success from OZ innovation

Australia is poor at converting innovation into commercial success. A fundamental reason is a mistrust in business. Here are four universal ways to embrace PR skills and rebuild trust in business in the Social Age – writes Scott Guthrie 1,340 more words


Being innovative is not limited to innovators.

This is a slight reinvention of an idea proposed in a book I have just finished reading: “Without Their permission” (subtitle: “How the 21st Century will be Made not Managed… 565 more words

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Guide to Smarter Internal Communications

There has been much talk recently about smarter internal communication; but what is it exactly, and how can you implement it within your organization? A recent Melcrum article offered some thoughts. 271 more words


I have had the privilege of working with some phenomenal minds and people during my life. One of the best communications practices I was taught was by  384 more words


Flu Clinic Flyer

I designed this flyer for the facility’s Employee Health and Human Resources departments to communicate