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The Nobel Lie That Just Won't Die

The Guardian newspaper once again falsely declares Rajendra Pachauri a Nobel laureate. For good measure, it publishes a photo of him looking pious – while neglecting to mention the serious sexual offenses for which he is being investigated. 670 more words


Indian Courts to Pachauri: No Travel For You

A man who used to joke that he lived “at 30,000 feet” is well and truly grounded. This week two courts denied the former IPCC chairman permission to leave the country. 599 more words


A Statistical Definition of the 'Hiatus in Global Warming' using NASA GISS and MLO data

Guest essay by Danley Wolfe

WUWT posted a piece I submitted last September titled ‘A look at carbon dioxide vs. global temperature’.

The main point I was trying to convey then is the “striking picture” of the actual data showing a complete lack of correlation between atmospheric CO2 and global mean temperature during the ongoing hiatus. 901 more words

Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change

Court Rejects Pachauri, Water Summit Still Says He'll Be Keynote Speaker

A lawyer for Rajendra Pachauri says that preventing the former IPCC chairman from delivering a speech at a trade show in Greece will damage India’s image and harm Pachauri’s reputation.  778 more words


Global Warming: Truth or Dare?

By Denis G. Rancourt | Activist Teacher | February 2007


Global warming is often presented as the greatest potential threat to humankind and as the greatest environmental and ecological threat on the planet.

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Earth In Crisis: Vaccination irony for anti-science fanatics

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Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky actually believes he’s a viable candidate for president of the United States. Beyond how poorly that reflects on the conservative party’s field of fools, Paul’s goofy positions—such as playing to the anti-science crowd by questioning the safety of child vaccinations—spell trouble for everyone even if he doesn’t get the nomination, because someone with similar values will. 284 more words

Global Warming

Senator Ted Cruz on Global Warming

With candidates emerging for the 2016 Presidential election, the politics of science is coming to the forefront. As word leaked out that Senator Ted Cruz… 1,286 more words

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