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Those who can solve the problems of the future have their own future made

Chimneys and power plant

Yesterday, sorting through papers in the attic, I came across photographs of the desalination and power plant construction project described in… 242 more words


The one thing your product needs is a simple, elegant interface

Consider this:

  • The light bulb (Edison) was introduced in 1879; we didn’t see major productivity gains from it until the 1920s.
  • Computers existed in the 1950s and 1960s, but we didn’t see major usage until the 1980s.
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Fundamental Explainers

Data Viz - what about Uncertainty Viz?

The fuzzy side of data is probably uncertainty. Here is a quick overview of viz methods for showing what you don’t know visualisingdata.com: Visualizing Uncertainty


Kidonomics Application Interface Design

The “Choices Choices” application teaches kids the basics of economics by differentiating ‘needs’ from ‘wants’ (an application for the Kidonomics Book Series). I worked with a small design team to create UX flows, design layouts and visuals for the application. 19 more words

App Design

Improving Readability of Code By Redesigning Java a Bit (no pun intended)

The thin red line to follow through this post is to understand that correct behavior of any application should emerge from the code. Java has been around over 20 years now and it is still one the most popular programming languages in 2015. 620 more words


Check out the Zoom TAC-2 Thunderbolt Audio Interface!

We here at Waltons believe this is one to watch. The power and speed of Thunderbolt is sure to change the face of audio recording. The TAC-2 not only records, but it also performs four times up sampling of your signal during the analog-to-digital and the digital-to-analog conversion. 170 more words


Swipemy.pics...Love it!

SwipeMy.Pics Web-based Instagram viewer focuses your eyes on the image


Instagram is cool, but its interface can quickly devolve into a cluttered mess of ads, likes, comments, hashtags and captions. 326 more words