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A Static Page for so Long

Looks like I haven’t posted anything for a long time—long enough for followers to get bored while waiting for some freshest posts. Anyway, during these past few days, I’ve been working with poetry and flash fictions on my blog. 173 more words

A Student

Looking out 

Frances is as drawn to windows as she is to water…


Upcycled Vynil Art

Loved making this piece, It’s refreshing and thrilling to re-purpose something and this is one of my favorite lyrics. So you may be wondering what this is? 63 more words


Interests Or Hobbies

I have been really working hard to get out and find what works for me in life. People keep telling me that I need to pursue an interest or hobby. 82 more words

Thank You 😘😘

I’d just like to say THANK YOU for following my blog…. Today, 20th May I have hit 100 followers it’s taken over a year but I’ve got there.. 41 more words


Ten reasons why I love my children's obsessions

I am an autism parent. One of the things I have to cope with daily is my children’s obsessions. It sort of comes with the territory. 1,248 more words

Sue Barnard comes home!

This really is my month for catching up on old friends, virtual and real. Finally today, someone who has been to the Bingergread Cottage in real life. 1,010 more words