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Coloring books for grown-ups

I like looking at paintings, and other works of art. I admire people who has the talent to wield a brush, or a pencil, or other drawing implements, and make something magical on canvass or on paper, tremendously. 429 more words



When we’re young we automatically look to someone else to blame for our problems. It’s instinctual. Functioning with our “ID” as Freud would say. “All about me” “what about me?” “I do what feels good.” We expect for humans to grow up, wise up, and become mature. 541 more words

Feeding Interests: Japan

I am highly interested in travelling. One of the countries I’d love to visit is Japan. To help feed my interest about this country and the Japanese culture, there are a few things I do. 174 more words



Hey everyone! Shepherd here. I just wanted to keep you all updated. This week has been amazing, and I’ve been engrossed with a new project of mine. 214 more words


My Sunflower World @ 1!!!

Today, it has been a year since I made My Sunflower World public. What a wonderful year it has been! I have discovered a whole new universe! 375 more words

Be Careful With My Heart

Long time no write

It’s winter, the time of year when I just want to hibernate. I dislike the cold, the dark, the damp.

The only event worthy of mention is the big flood. 409 more words


What Inspires …

A little imagination



A new way of doing

Or a new something to do

Be curious


Think differently

Be creative …