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Hidden San Diego - Harper's Topiary Garden

Some things just project whimsy, and a topiary is one of those things. Green shrubbery grown and trimmed into animals or shapes always bring fascination and smiles to anyone. 257 more words

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Cats You've Never Heard Of ... Or Have You?

The margay (Leopardus wiedii), or tree ocelot, displays huge eyes as it prowls through a forest in Gamboa, Panama.

Near threatened, according to the IUCN Red List, these agile cats can be found from Mexico and down into Central and South America. 35 more words

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Interesting Things - Sunday Edition

We’ve had a lot of family visiting – a lot.  Like 12 people over last weekend and a new set this weekend (and several in between).   138 more words


Dancing On The Ceiling - Chicago, Illinois

Tiffany & Company tile mosaic at the Marshall Field’s Building in Chicago, Illinois

courtesy of:  http://news.distractify.com/

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4 yummy ways to use coconut in your kitchen

Coconut milk is a very popular ingredient used in a number of Southeast Asian cuisines where it actually fits in desserts as well as in main dishes. 650 more words

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Color of Japanese Women's "Sex Panties" Differs by Region, Pink Most Popular Overall

Ladies: do you have a pair of “lucky” underwear that you set aside for those special, sensual occasions?

Japan actually has a word for these: … 341 more words


johnkutensky reblogged this on John Kutensky and commented:

Very interesting map. I'd be interested in doing a survey like this. I don't personally pay much attention to the color of my underwear, but I'd be interested in seeing whether there are any patterns.

5 things Middle Eastern studies has taught me about food

Being a graduate of Middle Eastern studies I have always enjoyed learning new things about Arab culture and Islam which – to no one’s surprise – may seem distant for many of my fellow Lithuanians. 656 more words

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