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7 Social media pages you should be following

If you’re a Human of Purdue, there are dozens of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram accounts you’re probably following solely dedicated to Purdue students and groups. 735 more words

20141231: Interesting Find

I just wanted to share an interesting find, a site created by Nate Silver on Data Analytics and Visualization.

Interesting Find

When I was young I wanted to be a demure lady

I was walking along the streets of Tsim Sha Tsui when it rained heavily. Behind me was a group of Chit-chatty Mandarin speaking girls. When did Tsim Sha Tsui become a place where I can only hear Mandarin? 78 more words

Interesting Find

Post-Thanksgiving Workout Idea #2

In case you need an idea for burning off those unwanted Thanksgiving calories, try imagining you’re being chased by longhorns (or any other state mascot of your choice).


Stupid reason for liking a restaurant

One big reason I liked the service of Mexican Sugar Cocina and Cantina is the fact that they let me use this hefty purse hanging contraption. 8 more words


The feeling when you found a band you like randomly

I was googling for travelling info to Zhangye when I stumbled upon a post on China’s version of trip advisor. (They have their own version of everything. 123 more words

Interesting Find