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Office of the President's statement on RFRA

Well, unfortunately, it looks as though we won’t be able to organize our own religion against final exams. Last week I wrote a post about the controversy surrounding the… 246 more words

Millennial reactions to SB101

Just Monday, the Indiana house of representatives passed a new piece of legislature that would give business owners the right to refuse service to individuals in the context that it would interfere with their religious beliefs. 220 more words

Silly Saturday

It’s the end of the week: yay! Let’s finish it off again with some laughs. If you combine Tumblr, Purdue, and someone with a lot of time to compile relative gifs, you get the blog… 131 more words

20141231: Interesting Find

I just wanted to share an interesting find, a site created by Nate Silver on Data Analytics and Visualization.

Interesting Find

When I was young I wanted to be a demure lady

I was walking along the streets of Tsim Sha Tsui when it rained heavily. Behind me was a group of Chit-chatty Mandarin speaking girls. When did Tsim Sha Tsui become a place where I can only hear Mandarin? 78 more words

Interesting Find

Post-Thanksgiving Workout Idea #2

In case you need an idea for burning off those unwanted Thanksgiving calories, try imagining you’re being chased by longhorns (or any other state mascot of your choice).