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Art "FOR" Living

Art OF “FOR” Living!!!

Art…source of expressions, inner strengths, or maybe weakness, motivation. Some say it connects to your soul, some say it connects you to your heart. 260 more words


The Government and the Bank of Canada are being sued – Here’s why it matters

There is a good chance you haven’t heard about one of the most important lawsuits in our nation’s history. The Committee On Monetary and Economic Reform (COMER) is suing the Government and the Bank of Canada for failing to uphold both the Constitution and the Bank of Canada Act – to the detriment of all Canadians. 2,817 more words

Bank Of Canada

Fiction : Love and Price Tag (愛情和價格標籤) 1

Here Thunder and Azurro presented…

Chapter 1

The Precious Daughter of Chen’s Family

Chen Jiang was in the middle of business meeting when Xiao Ren, his personal secretary suddenly stood up and walking toward him. 1,114 more words



The first thing I would like to put out here right now is that I’m proud of myself for keeping up more daily with these entries. 909 more words


The perculier origins behind the Pledge of Allegiance

Many comparison have been made in modern America about the similarities the Pledge of Allegiance has with brain washing agendas such as those seen in Nazi Germany in the form of the Hitler Youth and vast array of propaganda spread by the Third Reich. 192 more words


I'm the worst at reading people

I don’t think I can clearly gauge if someone is interested or not unless they say so or.. we’re texting and they send helpful emojis.. 110 more words

Life Problems

The Existential Erotica_Peering or perving?

How can we speak about quietly perving as considerate hentai who are low-key even if we are sneaky-ass motherfuckers? We all resent confident perves, swaying with something they think is swag and loping about you like you’re a lost herbivore that doesn’t quite understand the jungle yet. 1,034 more words