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Doll Dance

Whenever I am honest, the only thing that ends up happening is that someone gets fun of me. My God, my wrathful God and Mother, there is nothing strange in loving the dance and not having a partner. 472 more words

Short Story

"The Royals" My New Favorite Show

Ello everyone!

I know it has been a a few weeks since I posted but I just recently finished catching up with a new show that I think will become my new favorite. 329 more words


"You're hard to talk to."

I cannot be the only one in this world to hear “You’re hard to talk to.”  I refuse to develop a complex pertaining to that sentence.   644 more words

jean harlow colorized montage

It’s been quite a time since I colorized a picture, and the last one I worked, I believe it was Clara Bow, so I feel great for have taken a time to work on this small art dedicated to Jean Harlow, that became one of my favorite actresses. 10 more words


Someone New

Just as I thought, another infatuation and once again like everyone else I’ve met, I’ve lost interest.
If you think I would wait for you, you are wrong. 429 more words

Top 5 News Sites

If you’ve been following our Facebook Page then you’ll see that we like to post small clips of interesting news and facts to our page. If you liked that (or think you might) then you can find more stories at these sites that I class as my top 5 sites to pull interesting stories from. 214 more words

Office Update

marilyn monroe and audrey hepburn

A friend of mine had asked me once to work on an art for Marilyn Monroe, a montage of her with Marilyn, that’s one of the things I like doing, and about a couple days ago, she came with an idea of adding Marilyn with some other Old Hollywood celebrity. 247 more words