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Just One of My Unusual Interests

There is something you need to know about me. I love weird and creepy shits. Most of people I know usually got freaked out or shocked by this fact because “you are too adorable and innocent-looking to like those stuff.” Well, well, don’t let appearance deceive you! 417 more words


Strange, Confusing, and more...

I was awake all night watching some videos on YouTube probably until like 8am when I finally felt sleepy and ready to crash zZz.

Well, I didn’t have my coffee at a regular time, and almost never do, but that doesn’t affect the things that come to my head when enjoying my first cup of joy of the day! 317 more words



I just came in from a great bonfire and roasting marshmallows.  In the city its technically not legal, but no one comes for you.  Do I like s’mores?   134 more words


Can Curry Help With Bad Memories

I found an article that might interest some of you: Unfortunately it s not a scientific journal. Hope it is helpful any way. It s about some compounds of curry removing fearful memories. 7 more words

Hello world!

I’m starting this blog as I’m a total wanderlust junkie.  I’m based in Auckland, New Zealand but there’s so much out there, whether its on my doorstep or 1000’s of miles away.   90 more words


Homework for 2015-04-27

Reminder: you need to complete questions 1-4 on page 2.2 about compound interest. Thanks!


Interest Rates and Your Monthly Payments

To illustrate changing mortgage interest rates and their impact on your monthly payment, consider what a difference even a small dip and rise in interest rates means to you. 9 more words