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Reclaiming The Mind

It is a sad reality when a populace of people have failed to reclaim their own mind. Our mind is beyond just our brains. Our bodies are vehicles to express the mind, including our brains. 272 more words


Low Interest Payday Loan

Low Interest Payday Loan. Your credit will not be checked by the pay day loan providers.

Stuff Usury

“The synonym of usury is ruin.” Dr Johnson

“No amount of money given in charity, nothing but the abandonment of this hateful trade, can atone for this great sin against God, Israel and Humanity.” … 1,323 more words


WPC - Motion

Saturday 25th April 2015.


This week, share your photographs that have captured motion, and tell us the stories behind the images.

Gerry A/C 2015© 18 more words


Why Dr. Who

I am a  person that likes to watch  Sci-Fi movies/shows such as Star Trek, Star Wars. I am also getting a BA in Computer Science.  Combining these two interest explains why I like watching and exploring Dr. 18 more words

Computer Science

Calculating Credit Card Interest.

Parents/adult persons/credit scorers will stiffly tell you to curb spending on your credit cards. We at Splurgist.com just wish for you to splurge rewardingly. When interest charges negate your card earnings, you are not being properly compensated for carrying out splurgist duties. 133 more words

Credit Cards


Hey guys!  You never stop giving me reasons to be happy!!  I’m so glad to have all you following me, and that I have the chance to follow you guys.   58 more words