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The Unhackables Shortcut a Waste

Somewhere there’s a shortcut
or trick to make your life easier
and prove your cleverness.
The obsession has grown
from passive McGyver
to entire industry. 225 more words

Creative Writing


Is reflection really a good thing? I guess that depends on your state of mind, character, and status at the time of the reflecting, doesn’t it? 404 more words


Because 'Twisted' is my Middle Name

Why do we feel we have to censor our writing in order to please the general public? The same old stories with their same old characters and same old plot-lines keep coming back over and over again onto our shelves. 530 more words


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Art "FOR" Living

Art OF “FOR” Living!!!

Art…source of expressions, inner strengths, or maybe weakness, motivation. Some say it connects to your soul, some say it connects you to your heart. 260 more words


Downsize Your Equity, Not your Home

Downsizing is becoming quite a thing and is, frankly the only way to access your home equity (that very large savings account that every principal payment went into for the decades you made mortgage payments…) 85 more words

The Government and the Bank of Canada are being sued – Here’s why it matters

There is a good chance you haven’t heard about one of the most important lawsuits in our nation’s history. The Committee On Monetary and Economic Reform (COMER) is suing the Government and the Bank of Canada for failing to uphold both the Constitution and the Bank of Canada Act – to the detriment of all Canadians. 2,817 more words

Bank Of Canada