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Twin Flames: Retreat IS serving the Union

I could see how our long separation had been both necessary and inevitable. I also saw that his past and current withdrawals had nothing to do with me but rather with the intensity of having to face himself.*

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Twin Flames


On the exterior I appeared a solid structure.
Feet firm on the ground,
Steady and always standing tall.
The interior was a completely different story. 168 more words


The Tightness

I waited and I watched and my boat didn’t come in and the tightness rose again in my stomach and in my throat and in my head. 360 more words


What is Periodization?

Periodization as you might have suspect has to do with periods or better known as cycles. The purpose of these cycles is the constant muscle stimulation by changing the intensity, volume and/or frequency of the exercises and also the replacement of these with new exercises so the muscle won’t adapt and stop growing. 391 more words

Design Workout

Autism and Processing Grief: Feelings Change

This post is a follow-up to http://30daysofautism.wordpress.com/2011/12/29/ladybugs-autism-empathy-and-processing-grief/  and also a very late response to a comment left there. It was started long ago… but due to some things we are dealing with as a family now… it has become relevant to post… 801 more words


Feel It

Besides policemen, Chyna saw numerous physicians. In addition to the necessary treatment for her physical injuries, she was more than once urged to discuss her experiences with a psychiatrist. 386 more words


Teaser Tuesdays - Intensity

Here I am, just making my way pretty quickly through another Dean Koontz novel. I’d actually probably be done with it if it wasn’t for the day job and my relationships. 235 more words