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Of Self-Censorship

Been writing a lot lately. More than I’ve probably written in the entire year that’s passed. Poor 2014 was dry and it missed its opportunity to be grand and majestic, the year I finally write that brilliant piece, that novel that’s been haunting me for almost a decade now. 214 more words

Of Life And Love

Day 90

So because I wasn’t feeling well last night I completely forgot to set an alarm for this morning. I worked from 10-7 and on days like this my alarm wakes me at 8. 379 more words

Daily Journal 2015

March 31, 2015 at 07:02AM

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Amazing Photos


The constant sadness I feel can’t be explained, I can’t explain why it comes out in shouts, I can’t explain why it is all consuming and fogs my view of the world. 215 more words