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high school soccer

By blackjag1

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Intense. But Simple.

Christianity is simple. It is intense, but it is simple.
It is intense because living for Christ demands that you stand out. Demands that you be different. 423 more words


Riding With Intensity: My New Intense Tracer II

10 days after placing the order, my new bike finally arrived! It came all the way from Quebec, Canada, and had to go through customs more than four times, as it hopped back and forth between two sorting facilities. 171 more words


Pleasures Intense Perfume Oil

The title Pleasures Intense as it applies to this perfume oil speaks of the intense fragrance positive aspects that its fragrance will bring.This fragrance is categorized as a spicy oriental fragrance which tends to make it effectively suited for year round put on during the daytime or in the evening. 21 more words

Delhi in a Day

So I did Delhi in a day. It was crazy, it was wonderful; it was intense. If I had to describe the entire experience in one word, I would definitely choose intense. 887 more words


Back & Biceps Home Workout

Here is an intense (but fun!) back and biceps workout you can do at home with just a pair of dumbbells.  Keep rests short!  Try to keep your rests less than 60 seconds.  134 more words


Ménage à trois

Whether you admit it or not, your sex life is somewhat boring. Originally it made your blood rush around your body and sent tantalising sexual pulses to your clitoris or penis. 537 more words