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Knowing or Intelligence - Published today

Knowing or Intelligence

“Change takes place when we choose knowing or intelligence. Spirituality knows beyond human 5 senses and Science is intelligence of the human 5 senses. 114 more words

Rainbow Of Life

Review: Hannu Rajaniemi: Collected Fiction by Hannu Rajaniemi

When you’re strange
Faces come out of the rain
When you’re strange
No one remembers your name
When you’re strange
When you’re strange
When you’re strange — …
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Science Fiction


I admit to being a Sapiosexual. To me there is nothing more exciting than an intellectual, meaningful introspective conversation. I relish the topics of conversations I have with quite a few people in my Inner circle & I love every moment of it. 428 more words


What Is Intelligence?

Intelligence to me is not the one in the room with the greatest answer, but the one who has the greatest questions. Questions show an interest in learning, which is the key to gaining answer. 404 more words


Winning is a Habit

The leaders who I admire all possess an uncanny desire to continually sharpen their minds emotionally and intellectually. As life-long learners, they concede that although they may never attain mastery of any one topic, the journey of self-improvement is what gets them out of bed in the morning. 629 more words

Mental Fitness

Congratulations, We Politely Think You Are An Idiot!

And have a little trophy-badge to display on your blog to prove it!

Yay! You just published a post! Now let’s all get up, stand in a circle and clap our hands! 200 more words

Shit That Pisses Me Off

My Superpowers

I have only recently become aware that I have superpowers.  It keeps astounding me.  I really need to get used to it.

Let me start this story with the first revelation I had.  952 more words

Bloodsong Blathers