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Intelligence and the Past: Thinking Twice About How We Understand History

A recent blog entry has discussed the importance of archaeology, and eloquently described why the discipline should focus its respect for the past peoples it studies. 1,192 more words

Not Dishwasher Safe

Full disclosure. I have never done this. But I have thought about it.

Comic Commentary

The Secret of Being Unpredictable

Emotion is not the same as feeling.

This is one of the psychological facts that I have just known. That is amazing. Have you event lost yourself into your emotions? 365 more words


A response to "Ladies..." @EliteDaily #genderequity #intelligence

Hello, my friends,

I read this article, “Ladies, The Smarter You Are, The More Likely You Are To Be Single,” with some dismay. It’s simultaneously disheartening, since I know it’s true, and a bit defeatist—if intelligent women go into the dating world with the idea that they’ll “never feel bliss” because they’re above average and thus “threatening” to men, then there’s a higher chance of ending up alone after all, as they’re giving off a vibe that says, “I’m never going to get a date.” 747 more words


CHRISTIANITY THE OPPRESSOR’S RELIGION? PART III: The Intelligence of the African Slaves and Their Religion

In the third aspect of this series I will further address the argument that the West African ancestors of contemporary Blacks did not retain their original faith because the White slave masters. 675 more words


Learning the Language

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What is one of the most common things people buy when going abroad, on holiday, for work or to live? I think one of them has to be a phrasebook. 543 more words


Was I a CIA Spy? 50 Years On, I Still Don’t Know - Jeff Greenfield 03.29.15

A new book tells the story of how the CIA used unwitting college kids to send in reports from Third World countries. And I was one of them. 333 more words