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Car Care Month

Ready to go for some great car rides this summer? Windows rolled down and jamming out to some tunes? Well you better start taking care of your car early with Car Care Month! 135 more words

Sun safety bulletin board

yellow background with facts about sun safety and blue water border with funny sun burn pictures.


Teaching the skills: Read newspapers and discuss current events

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I admit that I don’t read newspapers. This post has “Read newspapers” in the title, but the idea is not to read the actual paper newspaper, but rather to stay informed on current events. 495 more words


Trivia Night

Ben, Cayden, Ellen (2S), Josh, Matt, and myself went to Rountree to play trivia. We took 4th place overall and had one round with a perfect score. 12 more words

Sensual Alliteration 

Delicious Distraction

Sudictively Suggestive

You are an Engmatic Elixir

You are a Premium Perponderance

Maximum Mammalian Mesmerization

Laboriously Luscious Lucidity

you Cool Fool you

Ferocious Felonious Foundries of Fortitude… 37 more words

Vani Hari The Food Babe - Intellectual Fraud

Recently, when Rudy Two Moon asked Vani Hari, aka The Food Babe, questions that led to calling her out to take a stand, Vani Hari retaliated by heavily borrowing from an article Rudy wrote.  100 more words


GMO Labeling Is Fraud! ~ Rudy Two Moon

Why is the Label GMO campaign fraudulent you ask? Labeling is a multi billion dollar business created to get both conventional and organic money. Never before have we seen opposing sides pay for the same label! 1,364 more words