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He unwritten world...

It amazes me how we can become so imaginative. Based on a few years of living, eating, drinking, and consuming entertainment, we can begin to piece together our own world. 84 more words

More than likely won't work

I find it contradictory and a bit humorous that we all join these social worlds, in order to fit in but exude through our mouths the desire to standout and be unique. 60 more words

Service at its best

If companies gave you free groceries for your birthday or discounted your bill by the percentage of your age (30 yrs old, 30% off) it would raise expectations levels 10 fold. 26 more words

Rest days...

…Are extremely important, for the body and mind. Sometimes we need to stop. Let our battery recharge. In america it is a normal practice to work past burnout. 48 more words

Non-Goal Oriented

Stay with me here while we untangle several things. Put on your quantum thinking cap so you can handle multiple levels of consideration at once. 834 more words


Seek, what You Love and that fills you up with Excitement.

There is no higher wisdom or fulfillment with life, other than to do things that you love and fills you up with excitement. No matter what you achieve or the way you understand life, the conclusion with life is, the action out of love, that creates tons of excitement, is the only real bliss of life. 1,161 more words