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Living another day is worth it! 

Moving forward in the face of adversity is a much better choice! We all get scared of making mistakes, of standing out, of not being accepted, of not being good enough, but you are special. 49 more words

Our Body is Just Our Home

We often talk of our home and give importance because we say we live in that home, but have we ever thought that actually we don’t live in that home. 116 more words


How companies can win big. 

Sending a custom made cake to 1 out of every 1,000 customers on their birthday.

Random discounts to peoplel who shop on the least busiest days of the year. 40 more words

ik 62 for March 2015 wp

ik 62
for 3.27 March 2015

one can imagine
star life with peaceful intent,
graceful intellect

karma, dharma, yoga and
tao can really be much more… 101 more words


The Thoth Tower and more sex

Today we move onto the Tower in the Thoth deck and like the last card the Devil, it has connections to Capricorn – the 4 figures falling from the tower identify with the earth element. 935 more words


Be aware of your perspective on finances.

Never let consumer habits be the source of your financial decision making.

Look at your finances like a research ad development budget. Where you spend it ad what you spend it on, has an affect on you in a good way or bad way. 23 more words

Traditions getting sh@tted on. Journal 10, Chapter 10.

Here’s the catch-22 with digital books: easy to buy, save and travel with from place to place. Which is all good. What’s bad is, it hurts writers, publishers, and traditional brick and motar book stores. 166 more words