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“Reading is a means of thinking with another person’s mind; it forces you to stretch your own.”

– Charles Scribner, Jr.

Quote Monday

What do we really want more of?

Stuff: Clothing, Cars, houses, monetary gain, promotions, and power or sex?

The things we really want more of: Love, Understanding, hugs, empathy, care, health, vision, clarity, time, happiness. 24 more words

Educate yourself on something

Lets assume you know absolutely nothing. You have no prior educational background about anything.

What will you do with such an empty vessel? Will you fill it with good things or bad things? 50 more words

Just a heads up

Today and for the rest of your life yuu have a choice to live regret free, by doing and trying everything you’ve ever wanted to do. 19 more words

Angels and Demons.

And once again, I will say that our society has been swept away by a huge Tsunami of problems that have jeopardized the lives of innumerous, nameless faces- I say ‘nameless faces’ because this crisis of identity is as old as it can get, and all I can see is an adamant refusal to resolve it; we wear the identity that our society has bestowed upon us , and we have  very willingly emasculated the unique mutation that was us. 714 more words

Food For Thought

Psyched...under an Aquarian Moon

I am awfully glad the moon has moved into Aquarius…I mean, really: this simple elemental shift has been like a millstone lifted. What a whopping time it has been. 853 more words

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